Monday, September 6, 2021

Two New Asian Dolls--Curvy Body Olympic 2020 skateboarder and Fashionistas Doll #160 Barbie!

 Hey Gang!

I saw this lovely girl and knew I had to have her!  I found her in Target.

Promo Photos!

I love her hair color too! It is a sandy blonde!

She has a curvy articulated body but not the one that is used on the made to move dolls.  
I find it surprising!

With all the poses in the promo photos you would think she would have a MTM body.
She comes with everything you see here.  Orange top,black jeans, pink sneakers, helmet, knee and wrist/arm pads.

Warning Nude Doll!

She doesn't have a made to move body.  She has this type of articulated body which I found surprising. I would have thought they would have give her the MTM body to be able to do all of the skateboard moves. I will have to move the head to a new body.

Next up is Fashionista Doll #160!

I purchase here because she has a different face sculpt that I have seen on an Asian doll!

This is a really cute dress and the white sneak will be useful.

I wish all the Fashionista came on a made to move body! Now I need to find her a new body.

OK,Thanks for Looking!


D7ana said...

Congratulations on your new dolls. They are lovely.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment and I think they are nice too!