Sunday, September 26, 2021

Finally! The Look #4 Ken Has Arrived!

 Hey Gang!

I was so excited when this doll came our!  I know I wanted 3 of them but didn't what to get to caught up in the hype. So I only ordered one--#4! Black males are the rarest and may only turn up in stores on a limited basis. I ordered him on May 28th. The delivery was postponed 3 time!  On Friday I got a notice that it was shipping.  He finally came on Saturday-Hey!

My Doll

So my doll is on a scale from 1-10 quality control wise is pretty good. I have heard some have had issues. The eyes are good but maybe not my photography! The  hair (I haven't taken out the pony) is good, and the clothes are in good shape!

I am glad I ordered him. And when with the delays, they asked me did I want to cancel, I said no!

The face is a mature face and not the younger face seen in most Ken dolls. When I first saw the doll on line I thought he might be using the Classic Cool #10 headsculpt but he is a new sculpt and some are calling it Jon. The head is smaller the the heads of Fashionista Ken dolls.

The are some bags at the eye that help give the mature look and indentation( smile lines at the cheek.

The only small issue on my doll is that a little hair is missing from the bottom of his hairline.

I did some comparing with the who uses the Classic Cool headsculpt.
Faceoff Looks #4 and Fashionista #130

They look like brothers or Father and son with #130 being the younger bother/son and still having a more youthful face! What do you think- father/son- older/younger brother?
Cheeks are as pronounced with #130 and face looks chubbier. The #4 has a longer chin.
Fashionista #130 head on the Looks #4 body!
It is a swap that works!

Fashionista #153 on The Looks #4 body!
Also a good match!

Warning Nude Doll!

I purchased some action figure bodies that I was planning to use on some of my darker Ken dolls.
Since #4 has such a mature face, let look at him on a mature and muscular body!

He looks commanding on this body! Like he would take no crap!
I thought about trying the Fresh Squad Anthony body but it isn't as dark and has a red undertone!

So, it is time for some dolly play for me!  I will be trying on fashion on him the the next few weeks

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Jeanie said...

He's on my wish list. I already know who he's gonna be in Barbieville, too!

Lynn said...

Very nice, I'm glad you finally got him, that was quite a delay! Love the Anthony doll too... Really want that one for my crew:@)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Jeanie and Lynn!

Jeanie, I had a story in mind but when he got here, I thought about a lot of things. I am letting him speak to me and tell me what he wants to be.

Lynn, Yeah! I didn't think he would come until Christmas. Many others who ordered around the same time I did say that they already have their dolls. I was so happy when I say the email. The Fresh Squad doll are a must. I didn't get them all until last October. Some thing were back ordered. I am hope for the Fresh Asian Male I saw in a promo!

IHime said...

Thanks for this informative post!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment IHime! I am always happy to inform!

Linda said...

So glad for you that he finally arrived. :) Thanks for the body swap pictures! I think the two boys could be brothers, with an age difference of about 5 or 7 years, maybe? I have #4 twice, they will be twin brothers with a different hair-do.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Linda! I can't wait to see your hair-dos. I have been looking a photos other have done of this doll, I have noticed that many use a filter to make him lighter! I don't really like that!

Linda said...

This is the first #4, I gave him a ponytail. :)

april_n_paris said...

Wow....he looks amazing with his new body! I didn't order him because I've been collecting IT dolls and last summer spent a big chunk of money on my gorgeous AA Adonis doll (who came with a serious 6-pack and braids). I'm sure I'll regret not getting later on. But seriously, I am annoyed these dolls are not sold in stores where more people can have access to them. I know they would be very popular and sell really well. I'm sure if I had passed by him at Target or Walmart, I probably would have taken him home like I did with the other Ken dolls. But unless its a line I'm already collecting or the photo jumps out at me as a "must-have" item, it wouldn't occur to me to order him and wait.