Friday, November 8, 2013

St. Malcolm!

Hey Gang!

Picking Up Stories Where We Left Off! Pt.1

OK, So I need to do some photo stories!  I can't just show you all the
things I have purchased.  Well...I can but I do need to do stories too! So
here is my first in  themed of photo stories.  I'll be bouncing back and
forth.  I hope it doesn't get too confusing.  I have to finish up some post
too! I still have my Star Wars to do and a few others.

Meanwhile In St. Malcolm!

So after getting off the phone with her grandson, Camille was doing her
morning walk.

Exercise is a good part of the healthy lifestyle of St. Malcolm.
It is coming close to the end of tourist season here in St. Malcolm.

As much as Camille loves this season, its' coming to a close is good. It will soon
be Camille's favorite time. Time with friends and family at the Chateau.

While walking along the beach she saw something disturbing a little ways
off.  It was an injured penguin.

She took out her phone to make a call.
Hello, Animal Rescue...This is  Camille Laurent at the Chateau in
St. Malcolm.
Operator: Hello Mrs. Laurent!  What is going on in St. Malcolm?  Is it
a turtle?

There are sometime sea turtles or seals that are in distress and need 
rescuing because of improper pleasuring boating in the area. Camille 
has been a great resource for the Animal Rescue Resource Center.  
She is their "eyes on the beach" in St. Malcolm.

Camille:   No... it is an injured penguin!

 Operator: WOW! You don't get penguins there!

Camille: Yes, I know!

Camille:  He seems pretty bad.  You need to send someone quickly!

Operator: OK!  We happen to have someone really good nearby.  I will radio
 him and have him helicopter out.  Is the penguin alone or with others?

Camille: I didn't think of that.  Let me look around.  I don't see others on the beach.
They could be in the ocean.  Let me see...
If you read this post anywhere other than

It is a fake!!! Run!!

Operator:  Do you see any other penguins?

Camille: I don't see anything.....   

Camille:  No... wait.. I see something! .... Uh oh! That's not good!

Operator: What do you see?
Duh Duh...Duh Duh...Duh Duh Duh Duh Duh Duh!

OK!  Thanks For Looking!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Camille is very pretty enjoying his walk near the beach .. Poor penguin. I see a shark??? Great danger. Keep in touch

The grandmommy said...


Georgia Girl said...

Lol! Cute story.

I hope the penquin gets help.

V. said...

Poor little guy! I hope the penguin gets well soon and returns to the sea :)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Marta, The grandmommy, Georgia Girl and V.

Marta and The grandmommy, That is a shark!

Marta, like you I enjoy putting animals into my stories. I found some new animal that I just had to include.

Marta, The grandmommy, Georgia Girl and V., Camille has great connects. I'm sure she will get help for the penguin.

D7ana said...

That penguin is adorable. Poor dear, hope it can be restored.

Very kind of Camille to call for assistance. Nice to know that people care for ailing animals ;-)

Vanessa said...

I'm very happy to see you are finishing up some of your stories. Nice to see St. Malcolm again. Hopefully the penguin will be saved.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments D7ana and Vanessa!

D7ana, I hope to show some of my other cute animal I got soon. Animal rescue is big. Just a little art imitating life.

Vanessa, when it gets close to the end of the year you do feel like you need to finish some things. I love St Malcolm! I love going back!