Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Forces Collided For Johnston

You might remember that Johnston was deserted just two
years ago. Forces collided to jump start this town. So how did
this happen? When a Supreme Court decision came down that
part of the land the base was on belongs to the Iroquois, the
President was contacted.

Yes,...Thank you for calling me before you published your decision.

He saw this as a chance to right a wrong. He contacted the
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to get things done!

Hello General Powell.

Hello Mr. President.

General, the Supreme Court has decided in favor of the
Iroquois. This is a great opportunity to right a wrong
and to give the Iroquois back their land. We can open
the base on the rest of the land and work with the
Iroquois to build a new community based on trust
and respect. I want you, General, to put your best man
on making this happen. I want this base brought back
as a multi use technical training facility for the
military. I want some there who can build the type
of consensus that this town will need. I need
a “soldier” General!

I understand Mr. President and I will put my best man on it!

Thank you General Powell!
The President then made another call!

It is the President of the United States.

He wants to talk to you!

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff made his own call!

This is General Powell. We are reactivating Base Johnston!
It will be a multi military multi use technical training facility.
It will happen in six months.

General Lee: That soon!

Yes! I have an man from the army for this site. He will
come along later. Right now from your branch I need a stand-up
guy for this, I need a "soldier". I think we both know who we need
there! His father and I have talked about this for a long time.
It's his time. Make it happen!
General Lee: Yes Sir!
General Powell: Thank you!

Well...I'll have to tell him that looks like your fun in Paris
will be over son.


Frannie said...

Looks just like the Oval Office. Loving it! Awesome!

Georgia Girl said...

Love your guys. The more I am on the blogs, the more different male figures I see. Obama is the only one of these that I have seen. Are they all PT guys? I need some more guys...too many single ladies in my house (lol).

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Frannie,I used the Oval Office as the background.

Thanks Georgia Girl. No they are not PT guys. President Obama is a True Type action figure. You can find him on Ebay but he is not listed a the President. You will have to look at the pictures to find this one. General Powell is a GI Joe doll. I purchase him for me but my husband claimed him when he came in the door. LOL! The two Native American figures, the one on the right is an a GI Joe and the one on the left is a vintage Action Man. General Lee is a thrift store find. I got him in a bag with several police uniforms. He has no body marking or made in stamp.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I was amazed with the story. The photos are very good. The army clothes seem real. What a great job and you must have cost many hours. We remain in contact blog blog

Vanessa said...

Great story. What? A post with all men. Now that's my kind of story. Loved it. I have the Obama figure. I've seen the Colin Powell figure. Everyone else was new to me and nice to see.

Chynadoll said...

Wow! Great story and I love your male dolls! I have to look around for the President Obama one. He looks cool. I might have to hide him for a while if I find him so hubby does not swipe him lol. Great post and pics :)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Chynadoll, Vanessa and Marta!

Chynadoll, when a male action figure is really good, I've learned the hard way to hide it when it comes in.

Vanessa, I don't use my President Obama doll too often. When I first got him BDE and I talked about treating him with respect. I wouldn't have him so some of the crazy things I would have other dolls do. I do think Adel looks like the First Lady and I will have to purchase one for him.

Marta, Hola España! Me alegro que te guste. Es bueno tener a gente de otros países siguen mi blog.