Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey Gang!

In 2009 when they announced that Sugar's Daddy Ken would be released, I
was excited!   He had a great face and interesting clothes.

Official Mattel Photo

I was really looking forward to another older male doll.  I didn't really want
Silkstone  body (which I was told the body would be) but I would have
accepted it.
Official Mattel Photo

I was really surprised at the backlash the doll and its name got.  I guess I
should have known after the whole Pregnant Happy Family Midge and
Tattoo Barbie thing.  When I saw the doll I thought it might be a nod
to Gianni Versace too.  Come on that print jacket said Versace to me.

But like many of the Mattel dolls that were deemed too controversial,
the doll disappeared.  I don't think it even made it into production.
So when Cyano Dolls & Rerooting  blogger offered to do a few
 re-roots for me.  I knew one of the things I wanted.  I wanted a replica of
the Sugar's Daddy doll.   I didn't have the Silkstone Ken head sculpt
so I had to go with what I had which was the 1st Fashionista Ken head.

Official Mattel Photo

Unfortunately I didn't have the fashionista body too.   I purchased
the head on the dollpage.  I will have to be on the lookout for an articulated
male body at the thrift store.  The Sugar Daddy outfit, though very nice, is
a little to formal for here in Johnston.  So I found an outfit a little more useful
for here.  I might make one when a get some down time.

So...Here is Maxwell and his dog Q-Tip out for a walk.


Maxwell is the younger brother of Mitchell.  I am trying out backgrounds
and lighting.  I show you some of the other pictures I took.
If you read this post anywhere other than

It is a fake!!! Run!!

Head Shots!


OK, Thanks For Looking!


Muff said...

I thought you were kidding when you said his name was Sugar Daddy Ken, but I see you were not, lol. I can understand why that would be considered controversial. Much like if they made a Pimp Daddy Ken, resplendent with a cane. Whoever green lighted that had to know what wank it would cause.

Still, you now have your very own OOAK version! He is looking quite dapper with his new locks.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Cyano Dolls did a wonderful job helping you create a substitute Sugar's Daddy Ken.

I agree that the original doll's lime green suit would have been a bit flashy for most situations.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Maxwell and his dog are adorable. I like your Ken. He is very attractive. Great job .. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your Maxwell doll. Cyano Dolls did a topnotch job with that reroot.

I would have thought the Mad Men Roger Sterling would do, but alas, it seems that you have to be a BFC member to order him. Tsk. He would have made a nice Sugar's Daddy Ken replacement.

The grandmommy said...

He looks really dapper with his new reroot! It is so exciting to know you can have your doll your way! LOL Oh I think the white background is the best. I liked yellow, but it made him look kinda sick. lol

Vanessa said...

How did I miss the whole Sugar Daddy Ken? Too funny. I think you are right about the Versace, especially with the green jacket. I really like the overall outfit.

She did a great job on your reroot. Your guy needs a Sugar Daddy outfit now to complete the look.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Muff, dbg of BDE, Marta, D7ana, The gradmommy and Vanessa.

Muff, Yeah that idea must have come up after a couple of drinks! But the design was good.

dbg of BDE, you would have to have the right venue for the jacket but the shirt & pant would work for must things.

Marta, that Q-Tip is a scene stealer!

D7ana, the Mad Men dolls still have that body and painted hair!

The grandmommy, Yeah now that there are some good OOAK artists you are only limited by what you want to pay!

Vanessa, I haven't made any thing for the guys. It might be time.