Saturday, June 8, 2013

25 Posts In My Draft Folder!

Hey Gang,

I have 26 post in my draft folder.  These are post that I started
and didn't finish.I really think I need to get it down and keep it down to a
workable number.  Like maybe 10.  So this means that I need to finish a few
of them and post them.  Now that might sound easy but many of them are
unfinished because there are things that I need to do or complete to post
them.  My big dilemma is always do I finish something that I started that
 might take a while or do I post something that might not take too long
to put together?

1. How would you handle it?
2. How many draft posts do you have?
3. How many projects are you working on right now... ie, items to
paint, re-roots, clothing to finish, things that need fixing, sets to build?
4. What is your biggest project?
5. What are you dreading starting or completing?
6. What gets you motivated?
7. What seems to get in your way?

Let me know!



limbe dolls said...

Right now I have two draft posts in my folder on Blogger and at least 10 more on my computer in various stages of development. I can't even count the number of projects I am working on. Currently I call my biggest project "Pink Be Gone." I am in the process of painting all the obnoxious pink play sets I have acquired over the years. This project has kept me from posting for the last three weeks or more because whenever I have clear weather and a few hours to spare, I'm out on the deck spray painting play sets.

I am more interested in telling stories now so a lot of my posts get stalled because I either can't think of how to finish writing the story or I don't have some set or prop or costume that I need to finish shooting the story. Ideally I would like to do more of my stories as videos but editing video takes so long that I dread even starting such projects. I guess perfectionism is my biggest stumbling block.

Ms. Leo said...

WOW, I totally agree with you on the video thing! It normally takes me about three days to do one. Yeah, I think we all spend a lot of time painting over pink items I haven't done that much painting of My Scene items other non Barbie play-set because they aren't pink. It seems I'm off on rainy days and working on sunny days. I haven't gotten to any painting.

We all love your stories! They speak to us on many levels. I will patiently wait for your next post!
Thanks for your input. Your comment has helped my process!

Vita Plastica said...

I tend to start a draft when I'm at work and a thought hits me but I don't have access to my pics. But then I go back and reread it and the writing seems false somehow. That was me 4 days ago! So I delete them and begin again.It's always more fun to blog on a blank canvas. I have no drafts now.

Working on about 4 different construction and design projects now. But really at any given time 100 things could be worked on.

I dread doll work like reroots, repainting, etc. I'm just not great at it and it requires sitting still. Motivation: having taken lots of pics that I want to show my friends. What gets in my way: time and kids. Do I blog or do I do some work in the one or two kid free hours I have before bed?

Great post, gets me thinking about organizing my time...

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I totally understand your lack of time to finish all ongoing projects. I also I have several ideas up but hard to finish them. Keep in touch

william said...

Love the questions! When i start a project or a story i think of what i want to see. I love having my story to have alot of realism in it all the way down to the smallest details. I think thats why it takes me so long to add chapters to my blog! I also hate the fact that i have to repaint everything Mattel brings out because of it being pink. Costumes are a must for certain characters to have and also finding the right doll or action figure to play the part.
I am usually motivated by reading other blogs . it helps me to come up with things that i want to add to my story.

Vanessa said...

All great questions. I don't have any draft posts. I get so excited about posting something new, that I never have anything sitting there in draft form. The number of projects I'm working on are too numerous to count, so I won't try. My biggest project is finishing the move of Morristown, getting through Kendra's pregnancy, selling off all the extra doll stuff, and getting the craft/sewing room organized. Sometimes it's all so overwhelming that I don't get anything done. I just want to snap my fingers and have everything organized. My desire to be creative is what motivates me. I get a natural high from figuring out how to do something new. Up until today, my lackluster internet connection was getting in my way. That has now been fixed, so I'm hoping to get a lot more done.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Vita Plastica, Marta, william and Vanessa.

Marta, It is hard to finish but I do feel I should try. I think you have many great ideas. I wonder where they come from. Keep in touch!

Vita Plastica, There are times that I wish I could take a clock and tape more hours onto the day. There are soo many things I need to do and so many things that need doing! I draft a work too. I try not to do doll things at work but it is hard.

william, You do bring the real to your blog! It is very detailed. I love look at all the things. Any object from a playline that doesn't have to be painted is a plus! At least other playline do things in something other than pink!

Vanessa, Do you have a story board? I always wondered that. I too am trying to get rid of extra stuff. Sometimes that can be a job too. Oh, when you get that finger snapping thing to work, please post that!!! ;)

Vanessa said...

Me, a storyboard? Clearly you haven't met me. LOL! I fly by the seat of my pants with just about everything. Makes my life much more interesting. That's why my blog is all over the place.

Sergio said...

1: I handle usually trying to have more inspiration through what I read or what I see on internet or doing more researches
2: I have actually 4 drafts, the most important of the 4 is about my first doll convention, is a HUGE post
3: I'm working about a reroot on a clone, developing profiles for new characters, rebody some of my dolls and reorganizing their clothes and stuffs
4: My biggest project is to open a blog with stories that have Fashion Royalty dolls as characters and build proper settings for their stories
5: I'm completing to have subjects and stuffs for a picture inspired by an opera of Leonardo Da Vinci
6: My lovely dolly friends motivate me in doing what I do
7: Blogger glitches and bugs! It's SO frustrating!

D7ana said...

Great questions. Thanks for asking. Answers follow

1. Check to see if I've covered the idea in another post; delete if I have done so. Check the idea for relevance ... maybe the idea is no longer fresh or do-able.

2. More drafts than I care to count, lol. But often it's a matter of a weak idea or something that I cover in another post.

3. More than I care to consider - stuff I want to repaint, dolls/action figures I want to rebody, lists I want to create, etc.

4. Reducing by selling my DAF collection

5. Reducing by selling my DAF collection

6. The alternative of NOT reducing, lol

7. Limited Internet access ;-P

Heather said...

1. I think if you're making posts that you know are going to take a couple of days to create, there's nothing wrong with making place holder drafts to keep track of what you're doing. Me, I only make draft posts to keep track of links that are important to my recurring posts... but I make a TON of scheduled posts.

2. One on each blog, as mentioned, to keep track of important links :)

3. Oh man, too many to count... but unless I'm going a tutorial, I don't post progress pics too often, more just "before and after" shots, and then post stuff when I'm done.

4. At the moment, rerooting... I consider it my "biggest" mostly because I'm new to it, so it's the hardest thing I'm doing.

5. Nothing! I LOVE completing projects... I've got a million more I want to start!

6. Seeing the awesome stuff other people are doing. Man do I want to build a diorama...

7. Being sick. It always ruins things for me.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Sergio, D7ana and Heather!

Sergio, that does sound interesting, a picture inspired by an opera of Leonardo Da Vinci! Between this and the Convention photos, I don't know what I would want to see first! WOW, so you will have two blogs!

D7ana, I do think the informational post are the most interesting! I love learning new things! There is a lot of info out there. Some is more accurate than others. I like getting my info from someone like you who does the research! To me, computer power/access is like money. The more you have the more you need!

Heather, So you have taken up re-rooting! I still haven't worked my self up to doing a real one. I did one a while back on a guy but it was not the same as what I think you're doing. I really admire people who have more than one blog! I have to take a look at both of yours. Congrats on your endeavors.

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

I don't even keep drafts on my blog account since I'm too worried I'll post them by accident. :D There's plenty on the hard drive, though.

I have way too many projects I keep putting off for one reason or another. Researching and buying a respirator so I can do face-ups safely is the biggest one. When it comes to writing stuff, I find after a while I just have to let it go and do something else instead. Perfectionism is certainly something I'm trying to overcome. Getting better, though!