Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Trip To Target and Toys R US!

I had a day off to do some errands, so I decide to stop by Target and Toys R Us.  You may know my car is down, so I had the Mister's car. This made it the best time to do it.  But of these stores are right off Cottman Avenue here.  If I were walking it would have been a little bit of a walk but only about two minuets driving.

I felt like I needed a treat because there wasn't a International Black Doll Show 
 in Phila.  this year. Boo Whoo! I really wanted to go.  I looked for info on the web but didn't see anything.   I contacted Dana of  Philly Doll Collector to find out that there wasn't going to be a show this year.  So Sad!  I know the doll community missed it!  Hopefully it will be back next year.  It was the only doll event 
in this area. I always got some really nice things there and I was good to see what others are doing.  I have to renew my membership too!  Maybe I would attend the show in NY if I knew when it was.  So if you know, let me know!

Anyway back to the dolls!  I went to Target first!  I got this lovely girl there.  She is Theodora from The move the great and powerful OZ.  I just loved her outfit.  I had seen these doll on other's blog but this was my first time seeing them in person.  They were on sale too! She was 13.98.  I would have paid that for the outfit alone!

She dose look Spanish!  She has really beautiful brown eyes!  She looks thoughtful but at peace.  She has a slight pout to her lips.  Her makeup is very natural.  The jacket is a pretty red felt-like fabric.
I loved the pose with her on the back of the box.  The hat is killer for a plastic hat.  The boots are great too!
I am giving thought to purchasing this guy now that I have her.  I like his clothing also.  It would fit well into my menswear here.
She wears a kinda tights/pants with a belt with her great textured boots.  She wears a very nice white satin wrap blouse with a lace collar. Theodora has articulated elbows but unfortunately her legs don't bend at all! Dang it!
Under her outfit...what a surprise ...a painted on red corset.  It isn't too bad as painted on clothing goes.
I have been changing the legs out on dolls a lot in the past year so one of the first things I did is to see if I could give her a new set of more pose-able legs.
One of my belly button Barbie dolls was glad to donate the gams!  Now at least she has legs that can bend!
Posing on the side!
Halle Berry tried to give her some posing tips.  Halle has been on an Artsy body since I purchased her at the Philly Doll Show.  Boo Whoo!   Having pose-able hands do make a big difference.  Theodora can't quite get the pose.
But Halle really loves the Theodora outfit.  She thinks it is very her.  It shows off all her best features.  Just what you might see her in as she shows up at an airport. That is pre-pregnancy.
Ms. Berry...this way!  Ms. Berry... over here.  Ms. Berry, who is that you are wearing?
I found Artsy Dolls on sale at Target too.  There were only two and they were $10.00.  Not bad for a fashionista.  I noticed that I haven't seen too many Artsy dolls now that they released the SIS dolls. That's why I purchased them both.  I have saved some money on re-boding so I decided to spend a little too!
I loved this outfit when I first saw it several months ago but I couldn't spend the money then.
This is not my favorite Artsy head so I had no problem giving her body to another doll.  My Diva Collection doll got one.  She is Eva, a recording artist who is a cross between Rihanna and Patra.  Eva: Excuse me, where are my shoes?
Ms. Leo:  Ooops! Sorry Girl!  Here they are.  Eva: That's better!
I also found Winx Aisha at Target.  I got her for the pose-able body but...who knows what might happen.
She does have a cute face.  I'll let you guys know what happens with her.
I found these Littlemissmatch  outfits for 8.00 at Toys are us.  The shoes may be too big but I thought that the clothing would work well for some of my larger dolls. So I got this one ...
And this one ...
and this one!

I know I could have made some of these outfits but sometimes it is now to purchase something when you see it.  I am not sure if one doll will get all of these or if I will spread it around.

The last thing I got is another Cody Simpson doll for re-bodying.

Can't have too many spear bodies. His clothing will work around here too.  That makes the purchase easy.

I also will be posting some items on my dollpage site!  So Check Me Out!

Thanks For Looking!


limbe dolls said...

Nice haul! I jumped on Oscar Diggs when he first came out because I wanted his outfit. I was disappointed that his legs don't bend. He is slimmer than most guy dolls so the outfit only fit the older Ken types. Yet his head is bigger so no-one could wear the hat. For a while I had him on a Liv Jake body but I decided to keep that body for a different doll and I sold Oscar on eBay.

I bought the same Artsy Fashionista to upgrade another doll. I like the outfit a lot. Unfortunately this wave of Fashionistas does not have pivotal torsos.

I wish, wish, wish I could find a Winx Aisha. Apparently they hardly shipped any to Atlanta and they all sold out months ago.

The Little Miss Matched outfits fit Rosie O'Donnell and other plus-sized girls very well. I did a big photo shoot with them but haven't finished editing the story yet.

Sorry the Philadelphia doll show was cancelled but you found some good consolation prizes.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like Theodora. She is wearing a very nice outfit. I also I have the new Archy fashionista. I also really like the top and pants. I like seeing all your purchases. We keep in touch.

MajorMistakes said...

I like Teodora's bodice and face, but her head is do big :(
It's a good thing that they made her clothes rather nicely. I would deff buy a magician from this series.

I'm really curious- will you rebody some of your doll with Aisha's body? I have no idea which line would fit, they have tiny necks.

It was a really good hunt :)

Carrickters said...

What a fun shopping trip. I like Theodora's face but what a surprise about the painted underwear. It could make putting her in a swimsuit rather difficult. I had never thought of just swapping legs before. Very clever

Heather said...

Oh man, now I have to go to Target! XD

Of all the Fashionista outfits, the one you got with the star pants is my favorite. I wish they'd give Fashionistas clothes more like they give the S.I.S. line. -_-

These were all great finds! :)

Forestminuet said...

I love Theodora's outfit on Halle! And the new head looks great on the Fashionista body!

Vanessa said...

I initially thought about buying the Oz dolls. I love Theos outfit and Halle wears it well. Very cute Miss Matched outfits. I would have bought them, too. Sorry about the show. Are the arms on that Winx poseable? I see the legs are articulated. The Winx in the larger packages have articulated arms, too.

Male Doll World said...

Great day at the stores. I might have to go buy the mismatched outfits.

Roville said...

What a great shopping trip. I love seeing this many photos and I enjoy pouring over them.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments, limbe dolls, Marta, MajorMistakes, Carrickters, Heather, Forestminuet, Vanessa, Male Doll World and Roville! It was a really good day!

limbe Dolls, I can't wait to see your photo shoot of the LittleMismatch clothing. Did you get the same outfits I did or did they have some different ones in ATL? I think I'll pass on the Oscar now that you have provided me with that info. Yeah, Artsy has the standard torso. Which Artsy is it that has the pivotal torso?

Marta I think I have seen the Artsy outfit on your dolls! Very Nice. I will keep in touch.

MajorMistakes, Welcome to my blog! I'm not sure what I will do with Aisha. I purchased her because I never see her here and couldn't just leave her in the store. When I figure it out, I will post pictures! I am thinking twice about the magician after reading what limbe dolls said. I only have one vintage Ken.

Carrickters, Swapping legs is easier than you think. About the same as changing heads. The newer leg joints makes it easy. I have a link to a Flickr post showing how in my post on changing the legs on the teen Skipper. The red corset could serve as a fancy swim suit for Theodora too! So, I don't think she will need a suit.

Heather, That line of Fashionista has some of the better clothing! I was happy to find it!

Forestminuet, Halle likes body conscious clothing so the outfit suited her and how can you have a doll called a Diva if she isn't articulate?

Vanessa, Halle looks more like Catwoman in that outfit! I haven't opened it yet but I don't thin the arms move on the Aisha but I will let you all know.

Male Doll World, I am trying them on Happy Family Grandma right now. The size works even though the looks all don't.

Roville, I'm Glad you liked the photos!

D7ana said...

Gorgeous photos and thanks for sharing them. I haven't yet gotten any of the Oz dolls. Good to see them here.

I felt flat about the absence of the Philly doll show.

V. said...

Nice purchases! It's good that you have so much variety around there. In Portugal I only saw the Oz dolls in Disney store (they were different versions and didn't have Theodora, just the Wicked Witch).

Ms. Leo said...

D7ana, This would be the only one of the Oz dolls I would purchase to keep. I wasn't as impressed with the rest.

Yeah, sad that here wasn't a show. She need a doll club to support the show and bring people out. I still think we should start one!

V. , I would love to see more people having access to more dolls around the world. It is a shame that you don't.