Thursday, January 10, 2013

New SIS Dolls At Walmart...Or At Least They Were!

Hey Gang!

I saw the new SIS Dolls at Walmart yesterday!  Here they are on the shelf!  I was so excited!
They had only three!

Here is Grace!

Here is Kara with the curly hair!

I needed donor bodies badly so I purchased all the dolls they had!  Maybe they will get more next week!

Thanks For Looking!


D7ana said...

Congrats on your finds. Wonder what activity Trichelle is up to in this round?

Mustiwait said...

AWWWW man they were not at my MD walmart and I was there yesterday!

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I like very much theses SIS. The Shelly is very cute. In my country there are not for sale these dolls. A pity!Keep in touch

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Congratulations on finding these expensive donor bodies.


Carrickters said...

SIS dolls aren't available in Australia either - I'm beginning to wonder if they are for the American market only - which is a pity.

Muff said...

I haven't been to Walmart in awhile. I'm going to have to toddle on over there to see if mine have them.

Thanks for posting!

Stardoll40 said...

Nice! What were the prices? I may have to buy Kara for a body, too. Lil Miss Vixen on flickr said there's a possibility for a Chandra and Trichelle (with new makeup) to come out in 2013 with articulate bodies too. I will definitely purchase several of those for bodies. :)

Thanks for posting.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments D7ana, Mustiwait, Marta, dbg of BDE, Carrickters, Muff, and Tracy!

D7ana, none or the other SIS dolls except Grace and Kara were pictured on the back of the box. I thought that was strange. I was hoping we get a Darrin in the future. Let's Keep Hope Alive!!

Mustiwait, I don't understand why these dolls weren't there for Christmas but they weren't. I think that Walmart is slowly getting in new supplies. That is why I went there today to see what else that might have. Keep checking back!

Marta, I am alway so sad for you people from other place not know if you will get the dolls in the line. Both of the two SIS Shelly size dolls are too cute. I will keep two and sell the one.

dbg of BDE, I did think about the price! If I purchase a fashionista as a donor body, I would pay about 12-13 for the body. If I purchase a SIS kid, they alway seem to cost more than Chelsea and friends (what is up with that?), I would pay 7-8 for them. So at the cost of 19.99 , it isn't bad. I will sell the head and clothing for the Kara dolls. I like the grace outfit! I sell the Grace head and one of the Kianas and I'll be OK! The thing I learned when buying the Liv dolls for bodies is you can't be late to the party when it comes to sell the items you don't need. I have a bag of Liv heads that haven't sold.

Carrickters, Not even the older SIS dolls were sold there? WOW! I really don't understand Mattel!

Muff, They are restocking after the holidays slowly, so keep checking.

Tracy, I hope she is right! Does she have pictures up? I have to check...and what about Darrin?

D7ana said...

No Trichelle?! Gasp. Darn. Thanks for letting me know.

Vanessa said...

Congrats! You will more than likely get a lot of that money back just by selling those kids and clothing. I've decided to keep my Kara and the little kid. Keeping the kid for another body donor. The SIS kids usually have arms that go up on the sides. Most of the other Shelly type dolls have arms that only go back and forth. That could be one reason for the slightly higher price. There are real screws in the SIS kid arms. I like that feature. Julian would never have been able to hug his grandma without the screws.

Vanessa said...

One more thing. Just selling those roller skates could get you some good money, too. (I'm starting to sound like Columbo wiht the 'one more thing')

Stardoll40 said...

She doesn't have any photos of them but She's in contact with the makers, I believe. I totally forgot to ask about Darren. I will next flickr visit. They need to put him back on an articulate body and maybe give this Darren some rooted hair or something. :)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments D7ana, Vanessa and Tracy!

D7ana, Yeah, I was shocked too that they didn't do a full line of the girls at least! We are keeping hope alive!

Vanessa, I will only sell one of the Kianas. I will keep the other and the Courney. They are too cute. But you did give me some ideas about the skates. Right now I am selling the whole outfit. Maybe I should split it up. MMMMM
I have already sold all the heads.

Tracy, Please let us know what you find out!