Friday, January 11, 2013

Walmart Part 2!!

Hey Gang!

OK, I don't know if these doll are new or just new to me but I found this items on my return trip to Walmart today.  I thought I would share and chat with you.  First, are these Fashionista!  Here are the first few I spotted.

 Here Is Nikki.  I love this outfit!  She is on the purchase list.

I posed her with other Nikki's for comparison
 Another group photo!
 Here is Raquelle!  I'm not feeling her.

 Two Barbies side by side.
 I like the dress on this one the best!

Next are this Disney Princesses!  I found their feet are flat like the old Beach Barbie but a little smaller!
 Belle...She looks worried.
 Ariel... The face seems new? And very Disney.  Could she smile larger?


 I'm not sure if her head is getting smaller or she is growing on me!  Something about the face make me think that they adapted her face for the Chyna Parks doll.
 Pretty close in size even tho this girl has a big head too!

I also found these two accessories pack!  There were only the two styles??? :(
 Please excuse the glare here but this looked familiar to me!!!
 Oh Yeah, it looks like the Liv salon robe and mask!
 I saw this there too.  I scanned it and it was 28.00!  
Vanessa, now I know what you wanted to think about it!
I think this is a write in for My Frogg Stuff!

Thanks For Looking!


RagingMoon1987 said...

I've seen worse Ariel dolls than the one you shared (I think she's pretty cute, in fact). The ones that were available when I was little had HUGE teeth. LOL

Muff said...

All those Disney ladies do look like they have new faces. I like how they seem to have more and different expressions.

Carrickters said...

These dolls are all new to me to so thanks for the pictures.

Nyu Sumeragi said...

I have not seen these fashionistas in Italy!

The mask of Barbie is very nice.. ahahah! xD

D7ana said...

I'm not a big Cinderella fan, but this one is cute. Thanks for sharing your photos and comparing the Nikkis.

Sergio said...

Whic wave of Fashionistas is this? In Italy we have the first wave. I sold an Ariel on Ebay time ago and she had big head, round cheeks and a dreamy expression on her face. This you showed is more teeny

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Raging Moon 1987, Muff, Carrickters, Nyu Sumeragi,D7ana, and Sergio! I guess the selling point on these dolls is the hair color! Nikki and Summer's hair are especially nice!

Raging Moon 1987, You are right! Even with the big smile she is pretty cute in person.

Muff, I wonder how well Dinsey dolls hold up to a head scrinking! I have a Tiana that I need to give a try to.

Carrickter, You are welcome! I hope they show up where you live.

Nyu Sumeragi, Let us know if they show up in Italy!

D7ana, I have the one Cinderella. She was one of the first ones but that is it. I'm not a collector of Dinsey.

Sergio, Let me think, is this the fourth or the fifth. The fist didn't have a Raquelle. I have seen three Raquelle but I'm not sure when she appeared.

Vanessa said...

Yes, these are the new Fashionistas. You were having a ball in that Walmart. LOL! They have other amusement park items that are out, too. I didn't buy this ride. I chose to make my own rides. This ride would be cute, but I will wait for a sale.

Vanessa said...

One more thing. That makes just looks like the LIV mask. It's not the same one, but I'm sure you know that. That LIV mask was huge!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: all these Barbies fashionistas are new to me. In stores in my town they are not for sale. I like to see the innovations that are for sale in your city. Thanks for reporting. Keep in touch

Forestminuet said...

I love the new Ariel face! Some of these fashionistas are going to go on my buy list too :)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Vanessa, Marta and Forestminuet!

Vanessa, That's not the Liv mask but Mattel didn't waist any time using the items for a line no longer in production! I can't wait to see what kind of rides you make!

Marta, I am glad I can share new things with you. Keep in touch!

Forestminuet, I will buy some of these new dolls too. I still need more bodies.