Monday, July 30, 2012

Heads Up!

Heads Up!

Hey Gang!
I wanted to give you a heads up on this great eBay seller Nancy! Here is an Item that is on its’ way to my house!

Here is one of the items I purchased!

Doesn’t he look great! Her prices are good too!  These items are quality too!
She has some great stuff for your guys and we all know how hard that is to find!
Check them out in her store at will show you more of what I purchased in a fashion show shortly!

Thanks For Looking!


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks Ms. Leo - yes he does look great and her prices are great, too.


Muff said...

I am digging the matching tie. She has a lot of nice stuff. Thanks for the link!

Vita Plastica said...

I know we all need some men's clothes in our worlds! Thanks for the link. Great stuff.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love the tie and shirt. I am excited to see your fashion show. Congratulations for this purchase. I will visit the store. Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

Really Ms. Leo, being an enabler does not look good on you. LOL! Yes I caved and both a couple of things.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks dbg of BDE, Muff, Vita Plastica, Marta and Vanessa! I dont know about you guys but I haven't purchased anything for my guys that wasn't Mattel in over 6 years. They were due!

dbg of BDE, The prices are great so I stocked up!

Muff, I only had a few ties around here and the instruction that came with the ties are great!

Vita Plastica, There was a lot of sharing going on around here! It is nice to be able to mix it up!

Marta, I am working on the fashion show now! I hope you will like it!

Vanessa, you have to many men not to have some great items for them! It is your duty as photostory and video producer!

jassica joe said...

thanks for sharing the link ms leo

jassica joe said...

thanks for sharing that ms Leo

Ms. Leo said...

Thank you jassica joe and welcome to my blog!