Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sydney's Tryouts!

I know it has been along time since I did a video!  I almost forgot how.  A couple of things changed since the last time I did it too!  I kept at it until I figures it out again!  I might have to do another one soon so that I don't forget again.
Here It Is!

Click here!



limbe dolls said...

"Yeah! I like it!"

I really love the song you chose. I used to roller skate to that piece. Also who is the handsome dark chocolate brother? Phyne!

Ms. Leo said...
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Ms. Leo said...

Hey limbe dolls, That obsidian brother (yeah that what I call them) is Naji! He is one of the teens around here. He is shorter than a GI Joe. Here are his post on my blog.
It is great that I could bring back great memories for you. I have soo much music that I don't even play. I have to change that!

I'm glad you like it!
Ms Leo

Georgia Girl said...

Nice video! I love Sydney's space. Great music choice.

Sergio said...

LOVE IT!! I really enjoy your video!! I couldn't stop dancing!!
Poor Ryan, isn't easy handke with a cutie pie like Sidney!!

mustiwait said...

Very nice Ms. Leo I have to learn how to make videos.

Muff said...

That was so much fun! Sydney has some great flirting skills! Those are some quality video skills you got there. Great camera movement and scene focus.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like the video you did. Congratulations for the pictures I like the way to act of Sydney. Very good job. Keep in touch.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Georgia Girl, Sergio, mustiwait, Muff and Marta!

Georgia Girl, The space isn't Sydney's. It is part of the Student Union at Johnston University. I plan that the Student Union get used alot. I hadn't listen to this song in quite a while.

Sergio, Sydney is a cutie! She might be a little much for Ryan.

mustiwait, It isn't easy but do try it! I think you will have fun and learn alot.

Muff, It only looks like skills! Truely Vanessa is the one with the skills! Most of my stuf is just dumb luck!

Marta, I wanted this doll for a long time and she is so much fun to work with. She made the video happen.

Thanks all for your comments!
Ms Leo