Monday, June 25, 2012

Comparin’ Aaron!

I wanted to show you my Aaron Cater dolls. Aaron Cater was a teen star and his popularity earned him a doll.  I have two of them. One I purchase years ago and one I just repurchased at a thrift store.  I had the thrift store one before but I sold him. I’m not sure they are on their original bodies. I might have switched my first one but here they are.

Both Aaron Cater dolls were produce by Play Along Toys which is a division of Jakks Toy company. Play Along has produce several 1/6 scale teen and young adult celebrity dolls like Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Sisqo, Cheetah Girls, Hannah Montana, Rock Camp and the Hair Spray dolls. If you would like to read more about the company, click Play Along Toys for the link. The founder of Play Along, Jay Forman, sold his company to Jakks and then started a new company called The Bridge Direct Inc. One of his first dolls is the Justin Bieber doll. Jusin Bieber has made them a good bit of money. You may note the similarities in the body. Side note both Aaron and Justin dolls get hair changes…hmm.

The doll first is 2001 Aaron Carter Doll and the second is from the Oh Aaron Tour—the Flag Outfit. Keeping Ken does a excellent post on him.  I’m not sure of the year on the tour doll; it may have come out in late 2001 or 2002. I have notice that other companies don’t mark changes in head molds and body types like Mattel. So it is a little harder to determine the year.

This is the one I got from the thrift store for 3.00!  I think the pants and shoes are original but I am not sure on the top.

The top has seen better days and will now see the  trash can!

Pants and shoes are in good shape!

They have more than different hair styles, they have different eyes and different bodies too. Check out the flickr post on bodies.

Warning nude dolls

Pivotals and non-pivotal chests!

Arms are the same.

Pivotal body

Leg is the same!

So as you can see, one is a more articulated body. His upper chest pivots and his muscle are more defined. The second appears broader in the chest than the first with no upper body pivot. They both have poseable hands, arm and leg joints. They seem to be built more like an action figure that a doll. Unlike many dolls, he can stand.

The red white and blue Flag outfit is an original outfit. 

The clothing made for this doll is pretty good quality and if you find other fashions for these dolls you will find that they hold up style wise well. There were about 4 or 5 doll/outfit combinations. Three outfits for the 2001 hair style ( check the Keeping Ken link) and two for the second hairstyle ( bowl cut).  Flag and

So let compare this doll to others…with a Nude Yoga Competition!

Here he is with Bieber.

Taller, darker....

and more muscular.  The torso is longer and the legs attached higher.

Hands are slightly different.  There must not have been a patent on the body mold.

OK, so theses doll are articulated.  So let's compare them!

Compared with Power Team

Aaron doesn't have the bicep/thigh articulation.

Campared with Formative soldier

Aaron doesn't have the bicep/thigh articulation.

Compared with #15 on a Fashionista body

Aaron is a little better on articulation.

Compared with Johnny Depp

About the same on artiulation but Aaron has the pivotal chest and twist waist.

Nude Yoga competition!

First position-the split.

Fashionista having a problem! He can't split.

Formative soldier is not able to do a full split!

Depp can split with the best on them.

Power Team is very flexible!

Second position- forward split!

Fashionista isn't even going to try.  His legs don't move sideways.

Third postion- the forward march!

Everyone can lift their leg but Fashionista can't flex his foot.

 Fourth position- the cross legged sit!
This position separatess the men from the boys!

 Fashionista isn't going to try again but Formative soldier is having trouble too!
Power Team is OK but Aaron is having problems.

Depp is good!
Fifth position-the waist tilt!

Only these three can manage that!

End of nude yoga salute!
Alright guys, go put some clothing on!

These guys will become twins Aaron and Warren.  Aaron is older by 7 minutes!

Thanks for looking!


Muff said...

LOL, poor Fashionista just cant compete. That body really has barely there articulation. The Depp body on the other hand is one I hope to find! I didn't know his ankles were articulated too.

I remember Aaron Carter but not as a singer. He had a show on MTV I think with his family and all I recall is him crying that Nick was a bully... and he was.

Great post.

limbe dolls said...

The nude yoga competition is very funny!

Vanessa said...

I really like the second Aaron. Must be the hairstyle. Great comparisons. Funny, too. Yes, that fashionista body is very limited. My local Kroger had the Fashionistas on Manager Special, $5.59. I picked up the lady that was left. There were lots of Kens and Ryans, and I didn't even bother. Bad articulation is just frustrating.

Sergio said...

Funny comparison!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations on these pictures as creative in your collection of guys. A large comparative study of the bodies. A interesting post. I had not seen the figure of Aaron. Great idea with the twins ... Today in my country is very fashionable shirts with the American flag or the like. Your twin is wearing a very nice jersey. Keep in touch

Dollz4Moi said...

I have a couple of Aaron dolls. They are in with my teens & tweens. Great comparisons :O)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Muff, limbe dolls, Vanessa, Sergio, Marta and Dollz4Moi! Yeah, I really breaking out the mend this year!

Muff, I am glad you remember him! I didn't know who he was when I purchase the doll when he was hot!
Mattel could have done a little better on the guy Fashionistas!

limbe dolls, Sometimes I don't know what gets into me. I thought you needed to see the dolls nude for a real comparison. I don't even know where the yoga thing came from. LOL!

Vanessa, What's a Kroger? I don't have one near me? I glad you were able to get some girls at a great price!

Sergio, Sometimes I make myself laugh!

Marta, I like the flag shirt too! That type of style never goes away. I'm glad you enjoyed the comparison.

Dollz4Moi, These guys are teens around her too!

Vanessa said...

Kroger is one of our major grocery chains. Publix is the other one.

D7ana said...

Love the comparison shots. Fun to see who can do what.

I am like the Fashionista Ken though - I can't do a split and I won't try, lol.

mustiwait said...

nice post hope to get me a johnny depp

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana and mustiwait!

D7ana, I guess we can only do what we can do!Ken knows his limits.

mustiwait,I hope you get Johnny too!

Hey Vanessa, We don't have any of those stores here.:( Sucks!