Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Ga Ga!

Baby Ga Ga!
The newest member of the Johnston Zoo is Baby Ga Ga!

Baby Ga Ga tries to lick the camera!

Baby Ga Ga is a Somalian giraffe. The name search for the new baby giraffe took place during it’s mother’s, “ Bee”, pregnancy of 15 months.

Baby Ga Ga is just a few days old and it’s ossicones are standing up. There has been much excitement at the zoo behind the birth of the baby giraffe. The grand reveal of the new baby is set for next week with many groups scheduling a visit in hopes to see the baby.

Dr. Weeks comes in to observe the mother and new calf. It looks like mother and baby are doing just fine. Dr, Week is the Chief Veterinarian at the Johnston Zoo and oversees the division that provides all veterinary medical care for the Zoo’s animal collection... He also has another job that we will tell you about later.

He just loves animals! He went to see The Day of the Dolphin as a child and it was all over for him. He knew what he wanted to do!

Baby Ga Ga is curious about Dr. Weeks and wants to give him a sniff.

Bee bellows at her calf and he comes back to stand by her side.

Dr. Weeks has cared for Bee since she was a calf. He has often hand fed her too.

He will try to hand feed her now. He is careful because he knows that new mothers can be protective!

Come on girl! That’s right, have a taste! Baby Ga Ga uses this opportunity to get a sniff.

Fa has been brought into the indoor giraffe quarters. This is Fa’s , the father, first time seeing the calf. Baby Gaa Gaa stands with its’ mother for protection. Ga Ga makes a sound that sounds like a combination or a moo and meow.

Please comeback to see Ga Ga welcomed by the public.

Thanks for looking!


Vita Plastica said...

Awww, sweet!

Sergio said...

Awww!!! That's a lot of cuteness!!

Vanessa said...

I love it! The baby giraffe is adorable. Cute, cute cute. I have a small zoo planned...someday.

Verona said...

She's adorable!

Georgia Girl said...

Very nice photostory and diorama Ms Leo! Ga Ga is too cute! I love it that you use a few props but all bases are covered.

Dollz4Moi said...

Love Baby Ga Ga. Cute story and cute vet too :O)

Muff said...

This tickled me on so many levels! It's informative and too cute. Baby Ga Ga sure loves sniffing.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: this baby Ga Ga is very cute. Congratulations for creating this zoo. I see that you have many beautiful animals. I like Dr. Weeks. You did a great job. Keep in touch

limbe dolls said...

Love the story and the name "Baby Ga Ga!" Where did you find the baby giraffe? I have one the size of the mother but haven't seen any small ones like the baby.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vita Plastica, Sergio, Vanessa, Verona, Georgia Girl,
Dollz4Mio, Muff, Marta and limbe dolls!

Vita Plastica, Sergio, and Verona, Can anyone resist a baby? Ga Ga is too cute. I didn't notice is when I purchased it but she is?

Vanessa, Somehow I don't think your zoo with be small when you do it! I need to put some of your techniques in my zoo!

Georgia Girl, I'm glad you think so! After looking at it, I see more that I could have done but I think we are all a little hard on ourselves.

Dollz4Mio and Marta, The Vet, Dr. Weeks, is the Matrix Morpheus doll. I thought it was time to bring him out!

Muff, I did think you might be the only one who saw the humor in this! I loved The Day of the Dolphin and since I had a Alpha and Beta, it would follow that I would have a Gamma! I learned some thing in doing this post and that makes it extra special for me! Oh, and if the giraffes start talking, we are all in trouble! LOL!

limbe dolls, I got Fa and Bee together. They are from a thrift store and planned to use them for my zoo. The baby came in a bag of doll stuff I purchased at another thrift store. I think the baby is just a different scale.