Friday, June 29, 2012

Modern Circle Melody!

My other recent dolly purchase is Modern Circle Melody!

This is her test shot!
I saw her again for the first time when I was out with Miya and Kevin. Miya had her in her purse and she was trying to find a new body for her. Miya and Kevin told me how well they thought she photographed and show me her pictures on their smartphone. Yeah, I had to have her after that! I was able to find her sold nude on the Dollpage.

Thanks, Cindy Of CindyInKentucky .

She is quite happy here! I love her blue hair! I didn’t think I would but I do! I do like her freckles too. I would never think that she would have purple eyes!

So it is blue hair, purple eyes and orange/red lips! What a combo. I am thinking about repainting the eyes but I’m not sure. You know how I feel about that whole sideway looking eye thing. 

And especially after seeing this picture.   I love the look in her eyes!

I did see this another version of the doll on the Dollpage with a multi color blue shorter hair, forward looking eyes and different make-up. I would love to see her in person! For now I have Melody.

Here is a shot comparing the two! Some say the second version didn't have the freckles and some say they did.

Did you know that there is a Flickr photo group for dolls with blue hair?

I guess you do need a site for blue haired dolls.  It helps you know how to photograph the doll and how to dress them.  There is a art to dressing a doll with blue hair.

She is easier to dress in blue!

In a vintage Barbie dress.
When I got her home I when and got out my Pop Life Christie!  I have always said that it is the ltttle differences in the face paint of a doll that makes a difference.

The Pop Life dolls lips aren't painted as full!  I would have loved my girl to have fuller lips!

So, she will be know as Darien Templeton.

Thanks for looking!


Verona said...

She adorable! Congrats on getting her.

Muff said...

I'm going beyond my age (barely), but she really reminds me of Howdie Doodie. Like if Howdie had a sophisticated city cousin this would be her.

Will she be getting her own story line?

Frannie said...

Love the blue hair! She is one of my want list. Got to find her either at the thrift store or cheap on e-bay.

Brini said...

I love her blue hair. She really is cute in the all her blue outfits. Thanks or letting me know about the flicker pics, that would be fun to check out.

Carrickters said...

Face paint and hair colour and style can completely change the look of a doll. Your blue haired Darien Templeton is very pretty.

Georgia Girl said...

I love her hair too! I have one. She is free (RFB), but still in her original outfit. I haven't given mine much face time. Thanks for sharing the blue hair link. I love dolls with various hair colors.

Dollz4Moi said...

I love the 1MC line of dolls. I sold this version of Melody because of the side glancing eyes. She was replaced by the 2nd version and mine has freckles. I got to pick and choose my faves from this line.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Verona, Muff, Frannie, Brini, Carrickters, Geogia Girl and Dollz4Moi!

Verona, Thanks! I'm glad I got her!

Muff, I don't even remember Howdie Doodie! LOL!

Frannie, I hope you find her! You never know what might turn up in the thrift store!

Brini, There are so many things on Flickr that you could spend all day on there. I mean really get lost!

Carrickters, You're right we need to add styling to the mix. Those things make the diffence betweet an OK do to a star!

Georgia Girl, We need to see your doll! I little face time wouldn't hurt her and would be great for us!

Dollz4Moi, You were lucky! I love their fashions too! I will give the eye painting more thought.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: This doll has beautiful eyes. I also like freckles. Why do you want to repaint the eyes? Her eyes are a beautiful color. Is the color of Elizabeth Taylor eyes. I did not know there was a page with photos of dolls with blue hair. These dolls are all very original. Thanks for reporting. I really like the dress she wears blue. Some very nice photos. Keep in touch.

D7ana said...

Congrats on your find! I recall you mentioning that you were seeking her.

Sergio said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I want one!!!

Unknown said...

oooh I want ine now, that blue hair ao gorgeous!