Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Hiroshi Takada Starts His Day!

How Hiroshi Takada Starts His Day!
Hiroshi Takada likes to start his day off right! First, he
practices Tai Chi which is very good for his body!

Then he practices writing! This is good for his mind! He
has been doing this for years.

He keeps in writing supplies in the cabinet behind the screen.

Then he prays and meditates in silence. Last is breakfast.

All these things help him to have a productive day!

It is his morning ritual!

Only one thing or should I say one someone can break his

Hiroshi: Mariko! There is fruit in the kitchen!

His daughter Mari. She is a teenager!

Pray for Hiroshi. He will need it!

GI Joe Foreign Soldiers Collection
WWII Japanese Army Air Force Officer

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Vita Plastica said...

So cute! I love your set up!!

Frannie said...

Great story. Love all the accessories!

Sergio said...

I love the japanese furnitures and Hiroshi's outfit! Funny last scenes :D

Georgia Girl said...

Hi Ms. Leo, I love your dio. It is very nice and on point. Handsome doll also!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Hiroshi Takada your very original. Recreated great meditation. I like her teenage daughter. Is it a Barbie? I like the basket of fruit. Keep in touch

Hey, It's Muff said...

Where did you get him? He looks blasian! I love this set. Each little item you added fits perfectly.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vita Plastica, Frannie, Sergio ,Georgia Girl, Marta and Hey, It's Muff!

Vita Plastica and Frannie, I had this in my mind for a while but it took me forever to get around to. I knew I wanted Mari to have a family and I purchase this figure and Japanese Barbie for that.

Hi Marta! Yes, she is a Barbie doll. She is Generation Girl Mari.

Sergio, Georgia Girl and Hey, It's Muff, He is 10 years old. I got him at Boscovs. His outfit belongs to Matrix Morpheus. His writing table is a picture frame from the dollar store. His meditation cabinet is Ms. D's closet. Sorry Ms. D! I haven't finished her bedroom.:( Fruit bowl is from Jammin Jamican Hotel. Pictures of screen and closet are from the web.