Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Trip To Big Lot

Big Lot
Sorry guys, I've been very busy the last 10 days and have
not had much time to post. I will try and make up for that.
I went to Big Lots hoping for an AA guy or maybe a
Asian but no luck! I did get these.

I hate the gloved hands!

I think I have a pair of extra hands around.

And Her! I don't need the face but I can use the body.
I notice the newer versions of this doll are darker.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Try painting the gloved hands using acrylic paint to create an illusion of skin. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to camouflage the top of the gloves unless he wears long-sleeves.


Alrunia said...

That Power Team guy is pretty handsome. I only wish their molded hair had a little more detail (and also wish they could be bought around here, haha.) Congrats on your cool finds :D

Vanessa said...

That's the guy that I bought too. Poor thing. He apparently didn't sell well the first time around. I think he's a cutie though. I didn't see this set at any of the Big Lots I went to, but I did see a couple other SIS dolls. FYI, if you don't plan on using their heads in the future, you might want to buy the Artsy fashionista body instead. Overall they are better than the SIS bodies. I do think this one has moving wrist, but the knees are articulated. I have been very frustrated with all of the SIS articulated bodies lately. Mainly because of the limited wrist and lower arm movement. You got a lot of accessories with this set though. So there is more to love.

james said...

oh i like the one with the goatee..wish my big lots had that one..i got a cute fellow last year that is blondish with a goatee..also love the doll..nice face..big lots always has interesting things around the holidays..they have an Edward doll from Twilight that i am thinking of buying just for the clothes..I picked up an Edward doll a few months ago at Tuesday morning for 9.99..but 12.99 is not bad...I need to get another for the cool jacket and shirt for my other guy..love your post!

Frannie said...

They didn't have the SIS dolls at the Big Lots I go to the last time I went. :( Will have to stop there again and see if they came in.

Chynadoll said...

Great finds at Big Lots, I def need to find one near me!

Georgia Girl said...

He is cute! I have only checked one of my Big Lots and they didn't have any...only the miniatures. I hope they arrive soon.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks dbg of BDE, Alrunia, Vanessa, James, Frannie, Chynadoll and Georgia Girl.

Thanks for the advice dbg of BDE. I have a pair of hands that might work but will try your suggestion if they don't. I do wish that would stop making them that way or give a pair of extra hands.

Alrunia, I wish you could get the dolls we have here and I could get the dolls you have there! :)

Vanessa, I did see him on your blog. I didn't see him last year. Did he come out then too? This Trichelle has a lighter face than the Artsy Fashionista doll. She has a lighter face than the other Trichelles. I couldn’t tell from the packaging if the body was lighter too but it is not. Oh well, I was planning on using her for my Diva doll. When I put them together, the body was a match so I’m still good.

James, welcome to my blog! Yeah you got to get to Big Lots at the holiday! I was hoping for a bigger selection when I got there but there were only 3 different dolls. I had 2 of them. Maybe I got there too late. I hope they get more in! They had Edward too! You are convincing me of the merits of his outfit. Hmmm.

Frannie, the SIS doll at my Big Lot have been there since 2010. They had a ton but they are selling slowly. This was the last Trichelle. There are a lot of Graces and Karas there.

Chynadoll, there should be one in NJ. They are in the Tri State area.

Georgia Girl, I am wondering if they are getting alot of the 12" guys in. There were way more of the minis this year than I can remember seeing before. I hope this is not a trend. Big Lot is my last hope for male dolls!:(

D7ana said...

Nice finds, Ms. Leo! The Power Team guy I have seen although he isn't in my collection. Wonder if either of the two Big Lots I go to would have this guy? Shrug. Then again, I might wait until later in the year.

Thanks for the information about Trichelle's complexion change.

Vanessa said...

Ms. Leo - This guy was out last year, too. They can't shoot their guys without gloved hands. How insensitive of you. Let's not forget he is meant to be an action figure, not Rico Suave. LOL. We doll people are famous for wanting companies to change for our precious Barbies. We want GI Joes to get taller. We want WPK to get rid of their gloves, etc. I think we are starting to act like our egomaniacal fashion dolls.

Ms. Leo said...

D7ana, you are welcome. I didn't know there were two in the area. I have to locate the second one. Thanks for that info!

Vanessa, I was not looking for Rico but real! I asked around, most of the gloves GI's wear at least have the fingers out and not the big boxy gloves these guys have on. You can't shoot with winter gloves on. LOL! It would be easier to paing over a fitted glove than these.