Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meet The Greens!

Meet the Greens!
This is Grant Green and his wife Adallah.

Grant is the owner of the Green Fund. The Green Fund
finds investment businesses in emerging markets. He met
Adallah while she was studying and working as a translator.
Grant is Camille's younger brother.

Sister and Brother!

Grant has moved to the U.S. so that his families can get to
know each other better and so his wife won't be alone when
he is on business trips.

Grants' daughters, The Green Girls!


Georgia Girl said...

Nice looking family. What doll is Grant? He is handsome and his wife is lovely.

Tracy India said...

Great chemistry! Grant's nice and tall. Is he a Scottie Pippen figure?

Frannie said...

Awesome family. Same question as Georgia Girl, what doll is Grant?

Vita Plastica said...

We are all lusting after Grant! I wanna know too!

Vanessa said...

Your guys be bringing the heat. You have been holding out on us. I'm a little confused about the daughters. Does he have 3 daughters and his wife is in the picture with them?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Georgia Girl,Tracy India, Frannie, Vita Plastica,and Vannessa.

I had to find Grant's original outfit to know who he was. Remember, I buy dolls for their faces and I toss the boxes because they take up too much space. He is Josh Howard. When I looked him up, he doesn't look the like Josh Howard but such is the way of dolls. I purchase him when I worked at the mall 6 or 7 years ago alone with 5 others.

Vanessa, it is the Green Girls and the mom in the last shot. The daughters are the Mattel dolls and the Mother is the off brand doll. Sorry if I confused you.