Friday, July 15, 2011

Temporary Head Swap!

Temporary Head Swap
I just tried this temporarily to see how it would look.

Steven/Jamal doll and Twilight New Moon Jacob doll.
The complexion is not bad and it could be done
permanently if you had to/needed to.

Unfortunately Mattel never did a Steven doll with
a swivel neck in the same complexion as Barbie
Basics #17. Doesn't that just burn you up. I guess
we will still be waiting for a body to swap his head
with. :(


Dollz4Moi said...

I never found a perfect match for him but I'm satisfied with the body he has right now.

Their coloring is really close. If only he were taller he's be perfect for Jacob.

Vanessa said...

I need an articulated body for Model #17! He needs to get more time in my stories, but it's not possible without a good body. Poor thing. He will be relegated the unseen babysitter for Danielle until he can do a little more than pose.

Ms. Leo said...

Hi Dollz4Moi and Vanessa. The lack of a better body for #17 is troubling. I did hear anything about him in the upcoming lines either. So unless they come up with a better body in a playline doll we are stuck. Vanessa, I think we all bought #17 with great hopes. I am still hoping! Maybe he can do background shots. You know guy waiting at bus stop,or buying newspaper or drinking coffee.

I don't like the fact that all the new SIS dolls are posed too. It doesn't allow for a variety of play with them. I am wonder if this is something that Mattel is doing to make us buy a different body for our dolls. I can't imagine that a doll with one straight arm and one bent arm is cheaper to make than a doll with two straight arms.

Vanessa said...

I was upset when they decided not to articulate the SIS dolls. Although I have noticed that the old articulated bodies has some issues. But I would rather have them articulated. Yesterday, I finally opened up my washer and dryer set that comes with a doll. She has the arm/leg combo that I hate the most...articulated legs and straight arms. Aarrghh. What is the point? As for Model #17, all I have to do is pull out my airbrush set and take one of the Caucausian bodies and paint it his skin color. I have just been too busy, but I will get to it. That will open up all types of possibilities for my dolls.

Ms. Leo said...

Wow Vanessa! Now I'm a bit jealous. I just don't have your skills. You can just airbursh the bodies? Does it rub off? The combo I hate the most is the articulated legs and one bent arm and one straight arm. The the one that comes with the Big Sister/little sister Barbie Stacy dolls. That body is hard to sell too!

Vanessa said...

About 8 years ago I learn how to repair composition bodies using airbrush techniques. Jusr like with any type of repainting, there needs to be a protective coat lightly sprayed once the painting is complete. Airbrushing delivers such thin layers of paint. I just wish I had time to perfect all the things that I have learned over the years. Mattel went a little crazy with the bent arms with the Chelsea dolls. I would actually prefer 2 bent arms. I don't even mind if they are straight because I know how to get them into a bent position.

Ms. Leo said...

Ms.Vanessa! 1. Why aren't you teaching somewhere and If you are can I come? 2. You need to do a tutorial on the bending the arm thing. You just have so much info.

Vanessa said...

I used to teach dollmaking for a number of years, but now, I have so many ideas and I am trying to get them all done. There is a drawback to knowing so many different skills. It's hard to focus on one or two. I really wish I could clone myself. There are so many things on my "To Do" list. I think that will be my next post.

As for the bending arm thing. It is ultra simple. I don't have time to do a tut on it, but I will explain it. You need 3 things, boiling water, an ice bath (water with ice cubes in it), and a straight arm doll. Bring water to a boil, strategically place one of the dolls arms in the boiling water. This will make the arm pliable. Leave it in for 10 secs or so. Remove and see if you can bend the arm to about 90 deg. If not, put it back in the boiling water. Repeat process until you can bend to 90 deg. Once you get it bent, hold it in place and immediately place it in the ice bath, holding the arm at 90 deg while you do it. This will set the arm in place. Leave it in for 45sec or more. Repeat process for the second arm.