Monday, July 18, 2011

My First Attempt At Dreadlocks!

This is my first attempt at Dreadlocks! It was not
the first look that I thought about for this doll but
it was something I could try without too much expense.
Also the Cali line of dolls are the same complexion as the
light AA dolls in the Barbie line. He has the same
complexion as the AA happy family father. I guess you
can say that the Cali line was Jerseylious! :)

Cali Blaine

Jake Belle

I gave him a little mustache too! I like the way he
turned out. There are something I would do differently
next time. Not bad for my first attempt.

I will probably taper the ends of his hair.

He has a different look than before.

StudMuffin! I think will be Dr. Jake Belle. He is one

of those doctors without borders types.


Niel Camhalla said...

he looks so much cooler now. Great job!

EbonyNicole30 said...

"Stand up for your rights"

Sorry I had to say it!

Dani said...

Wow, he looks great! He looks like a completely different race now! *dani eyeballs all her tan dolls*

Frannie said...

Wonderful job Ms.Leo. What did you use to make the mustache? Sharpie?

Vanessa said...

You go girl! He looks awesome. Much more handsome than before. I can sense his strength all the way down here in the ATL.

Georgia Girl said...

Ms Leo, you did a great job! He looks totally different. I am with Dani, now I want to check out my tan dolls (lol).

Georgia Girl said...
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Anonymous said...

Awesome! What method did you use?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Niel, Georgia Girl and pudgybudgie! I really like the way he looks now. The hair is sewn in. I don't have a rooting tool. Sigh! I used yarn to get the color I wanted. I didn't want black... more of a dirty blonde or light brown. It looks sun faded like real dreads do.

Thanks Frannie, Georgia Girl, Vanessa and Dani! Frannie-The mustache was done with eyebrow pencil. That allows me to live with it before I make it permanent. That will come next. I have seen a few tanned Ken dolls turned into AA dolls on Flickr. It was a one way ticket to lustville! I wanted those dolls badly. When boxing my dolls away while not in use, I noticed how close the complexions were. He is the first Ken I've tried but he won't be the last. I have even seen a Kira painted to look dark AA. It blew my mind. Vanessa- that's why I'm thinking about the airbrush thing. One note, the BB #15 looks like he could be part Asian. I have seen an OOAK one. He would be an easy makeover and what I will try next. When life or Mattel gives you Kens... make what you need.

EbonyNicole and Vanessa, Ya man! As I was taking his picture, I was feelin' him. He smelled like oils and bees wax. Talking about jerk chicken and curry goat with his lilt. I thought he was trying to mesmerize me in one of those shots. LOL

Vanessa said...

Whoa, Nelly (Ms. Leo). Don't attack the brutha! He can't help that you made him so fine.

Cat said...

WOW!!! He looks awesome!!! ^_^

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Cat. I may do others.

Vanessa, maybe but he doesn't have to flaunt it.