Monday, May 16, 2011

My Next Project!

The Laurent Family Home
Test Shots!

My next project is the Laurent family home. It will be the
scene of many other posts, so I need to get it right. Since
KiKi and her husband Terrence are from tropical climates,
KiK from Rouba and Terrence from St, Malcolm, their home
needs to have a tropical feel.

I am still working on the Ancestor's room also but now I am
taking some test shot of the family room. It is the hub
of the Laurent family home and it is a high traffic area. It
has to be big enough for many of the family members to
be in it at one time. The Laurents have grown children living
with them. This is a part of both their cultures to do so.
So there are many adults
living in the house.

KiKi loves earth tones and that is reflected in many areas of
the house. When the family room is finished I will introduce
other members of the family that haven't made the blog yet.
I am post these shot for feed back. I want to know what
you think? How large should the room be? What do you
think of the colors? Does it need something else in it?

I got this shelve and the rust vase at my favorite thrift store
for 4.oo total. I knew they would go well with the look.

Unforturnately I tried to put furniture polish on it to close to
the time I was taking pictures. once it dries it should all be an
even tone. Next time I will use a pait brush to do it. It will go
on more even that way. Right now there ar light and dark

A little seating area.

African elephant.

Morroccan sofa.

Roubian chests and honey wine pot.

Gardening hat. Nothing here is permanent. The pillows will
be sewn when I am sure they are staying.

Full view


Right side.

African zebra.

I purchase this zebra for the Laurent home but my husband
thinks that it should be for him. The zebra commentates
Dancing with the Stars and American Idol (I don't know
about that man sometimes!)


limbe dolls said...

I love the decor and am especially envious of the wall unit. Looks like you can only shoot pictures from two sides which limits the camera angles you can use. Is your design modular enough so that you could reverse everything to capture shots from the other side (i.e. as if you were looking from the wall that the wall unit is on now?

Stardoll40 said...

Wow, I LOVE their place! What a creative sofa. The colors are gorgeous, warm and inviting. That's my kind of place. LOL.

Terrance and KiKi have a beautiful home.

Vanessa said...

I love the overall look. Seems like the perfect family hub. Really love the sofa and the colors you have chosen for the pillows. Have you considered changing the colors of the light chairs to a darker color, or some color from the pillows you are using? Or maybe changing the color of the rug. I think by having both the chairs and the rug light, you are missing an opportunity to add more interest to the room. Just a thought. Love that shelf unit. Aren't those thrift stores the best!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa for your comments. After living with the room a little, I see your point about the chairs. I will give that more thought.

Thanks Tracy. After look at the pictures I relized that everything except for the hat, red vase, cream plant pot and the lamp came from a thrift store, dollar store or flea market. The sofa is a candle holder! I thought it looked like a sofa when I bought it.

Thanks limbe dolls and welcome to my blog! My orginal thoughts were to able to shot from both sides with the other side being a hallway. I can see now that the room needs a place that lets natural light in. That should be another feature of the house, a lot of natural light. I need to work on that too!

Anonymous said...

I use this doll as a SIS mom - either Grace or Kara's mom usually. I love the decor. I am going to have to copy you because it is perfect. This has to be one of the most unique diorama set ups I have ever seen and yet not really an uncommon HUMAN decorating style. This really makes me happy to look at. -- Kristl

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Kristi. I still think the room will need to be bigger. I am working on it slowly to get it right.