Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Day!

Playing in the Snow!

The Laurent children have the best of both worlds! Today
school was closed, so Tre', LL and Stephanie play in the fresh
snow. As much as they love the snow, they love it even more
because they know in three weeks they will be spending Little
Christmas with their grandparents in warm sunny
Saint Malcolm Island in the Caribbean.
It is a family tradition! Little Christmas is always spend at
the family's island home!

Stephanie: I love the snow! The snow man could use
some work!

Stephanie: He could be fluffier!
LL: Maybe some branches?
Stephanie: Tre', get some more snow!

Tre': Are you the snow boss now?
Stephanie: Tre', get the snow!

LL: What are you up to?
Tre': Getting the snow!

LL: Not Good!

LL: She gona kill you!

Tre': Only if she catches me!


Stephanie: UGH! Tre'! That's it for you!!

Tre': Get off me!!
Stephanie: No!!
Tre': Help me bro!

LL: If I help you, next week you two will ganging up on me!
I'm staying out of it.
Tre': Tell mom Stephie is sitting on me!

LL: Nope! I am out of the whole thing!!

This post was sent to their grandmother Camille.
She got a really good laugh out of it!


smidge girl said...

I love it! "Are you the snow boss now?" LMAO! I'm loving your photostories! The pictures are great, and you definitely have the dialogue down. You must have brothers! Thanks for a great holiday laugh!

Afroindia619 said...

Love it!

Ms. Leo said...

Thank smidge girl. Yeah, I have "pain in the butt" bothers! They go back to being 11 years old again when we are together! Thank God for my own house!

Thanks afroindia619. I'm glad you liked it!