Monday, December 7, 2009

Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be...

Have you ever seen "When Harry Met Sally"? I love
that movie! There is a scene where couples talk about
how they go married. That was the inspiration for this
post. That and I tried to post on a forum about great
love stories and they have not approve me yet!

So I decided to do an on going feature of my doll couples
and their love story! So I had to include a reporter,
Steven T. Laurent.

Steven: Hi, I'm Steven T. Laurent your roving reporter
from station WJBS bring you our continuing feature on
love! I am interviewing my grandparents
Stephan T. Laurent and Camille Laurent about love.
They have been married for 50 years!

The Laurents: Hello!

Steven:How did you know that this was the person you should

Camille: I had just moved to the US from the Islands to
further my career as a model. I was invited to a church

Steven: and then?

Stephan: I had come to say goodbye to my pastor before
leaving for Air Force flight school. He told me he had
someone he wanted me to meet. I Knew when I saw her.

Stephan: We dated and wrote letter for two years. I had
to finish flight school you know. She was gotten pretty
well know in modeling by then too. Then I asked her!

Camille: I said yes!
Both together: We have happy ever since!

Aren't they just great! This has been our "Endless Love"
feature. Until next time I am Steven Laurent Of WJBS.


D7ana said...

That's cute! Thanks for sharing the Laurents' story. Most romance stories are shown when the lovers are young. Good to see that love endures and matures ;-)

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Great story!

Ms. Leo said...

Hi D7ana and BDE! I just noticed your post! I was going back through my posts linking them when I notice your comment. Sorry about that. I was new at blogging then.
Yes the Laurents are a great love story and love and family are a key to each one of them as a person. Thanks for commenting!