Saturday, June 19, 2021

Mattel BMR Dolls

Hey Gang!

I added the Mattel BMR 1959 dolls to my collection finally! I thought I would purchase                    them because I need body donors but one guys and the girl did catch my eye! 

First up...let's call him green hair! There doesn't appear to be a name for the individual dolls,                so I  giving them my own names. I got two of this guy as body donors. 

I have seen him styled  on FB and IG and people seem to love his face and fashions but not me!

Fashionista Ken #114 and #10 Classic Cool received the bodies

Mattel Promo Photo!

The outfit from the front!

From the back!

He has the Blaine headsculpt which I love but his face paint is a little to feminine for me.
I am not a fan of the white necklace either but I might work with a paint job!

I like the jacket! It is a keeper! The other items maybe can be combined with other doll 
clothes for an OK outfit!
I am not sure how I feel about the shoes!  I have seen them painted and they do look 
nice but am still not sure about them.

Next up is the real hair man bun"! I got three of these!  I was only planning on two 
but when he got here, he changed my mind. I liked his face. The body works well for the 
pale Ken doll that  don't -have articulation. 

Twilight Jasper and Asian Ken with the purple hair received the bodies.
The outfit on this guy is pretty nice. I would not put a heavy sweat-hoodie with shorts 
and sandals but hey, that is just me!
I am a fan of the crossbody bag and I do like the sandal!
Next up is the  AA Curvy girl! Now whoever styled this girl should have gotten a "F" in 
fashion school! The flowered hoodie dress with the ruffle is just NO! No,no,no,no ,no!  
It wouldn't even work for grandma!

The glasses are a Why??? Thank goodness she has a great face!
The plastic raincoat didn't work for Francie and it still doesn't work here!

I am liking the high ponytail! Besides her face and body, the pony is the only other high point!

I just had to sigh when I saw the shoes.  Were there a ton of gold boot left over from 
something else?

So here she is redressed in what I think is a more fun ourfit!
Hi, I'm Rajiyah but my friends call me Raggie!
Not sure if this guy will be a DIY or a manikin. 

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Lynn said...

A much better use of the green overalls! And I'm kinda kicking myself for not getting the tie dyed sweats when I saw them. Cool dolls:@)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Lynn! As for the sweats, sometimes when a pattern is too much, if you break it up and it works!