Tuesday, June 15, 2021

A New Beginning! The Foster's

 Hey Gang!

The Foster are taking a walk in the park!

Miley: It is a great day!

Reliegh: Yup! And we are going to come here a walk at least  twice a week!
Miley: It is going to go well this time! We are prepared! 
Reliegh: We are older and we know what we are doing...and we have insurance too! 
You will have all your visits and I will be able to come with you.  I'm stoked!
Miley: You are just excited because you think it is a boy!
Reliegh: I'd be excited no matter what it is but I do think it is a boy!
Miley: Your daughters are going have a complex! 
Reliegh: Our daughter and son are going to be OK!
Reliegh: We don't have anything from when Courtney was a baby! 
Miley: It was all used anyway and wouldn't be safe!
Reliegh: You know we can't wait this long before the next baby! We should have three!
Miley: Wait what?
Courtney: I won't be doing as much babysitting in the future. I just told my friends 
I going to be a big sister!                
Courtney: I am totally exited! Woo Hoo!
Courtney: Hey baby in there! It is your sister Courtney and your dad!
Baby: My very loud sister Courtney!

OK, Thanks For Looking!

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