Thursday, March 28, 2019

3RD Palace Winner!

Hey Gang!

I don't think I mentioned that I was a 3rd place winner in the FB
Barbie and Friend's Lounge Valentines Day contest!
Here is the photo I won for!  It is the Woo's!

Those that follow me on FB will have known that I came in 3rd but didn't know
what I won. Well my prize just arrived!

The prize had something for the boys for summer and something for the girls
for winter! How cool is that!  The prizes were purchase off of Etsy

The boys got the shorts!

I like the pattern of the shorts!  Kind of a British thing going on. They are well made
and are by JollyDollyShop
Our model Zhang is wearing them with Mattel's Ken doll's shirt and JB sneakers!

The girls got a sweater!

I really love this sweater!  The colors are great, the stitch work is great, the yarn is great!
Do I sound like Nina Garcia? The sweater is by Nobodyknitsistbetter.
 The back!
Raglan sleeves!

Our model for the sweater is my Esmae! (formally HSM 1st wave Sharpay)

I am so happy with my prizes!  I'll be entering more contests.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


april_n_paris said...

Congratulations Ms. Leo. Hey, doll clothes are always a welcome prize, I think!!! (At least the dolls think so!!!)

Neytiri said...

Has Zhang got Dumbledore body? It looks like good skin tone match :)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments April and Neytiri!

April! I totally agree! The last two contest that I won, the prize have been doll clothes! My doll do love it!

Neytiri, Yes, he has Dumbledore's body! When I got my second Dumbledore for $2.00, I knew the body would work for him. It is a broad body and I am hoping that this will make Mattel do more complexions of Ken broad bodies!

Phyllis said...

Congratulations on your win! Contests are fun and even more fun when you win. I am not sure if I will do another contest. It is a lot of work!

Shasarignis said...

Thank you for sharing

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Phyllis and Shasarignis!

Phyllis, I agree that they are a lot of work! I think even more so on FB! I do miss doing one around the Christmas! I thing I might this year!

Shasarignis, these are great gifts! I might order from the seller myself!