Monday, January 14, 2019

My Second Team Stacie Doll!

Hey Gang!

I finally found the AA Team Stacie doll!

Mattel Promo!

If you are interested in the Team Stacie Dolls, they are available on!
Yes I couldn't wait to take pictures.  She came in the mail last night.  I am wondering
if she will be called Janet of the web!

So here she is! 

 Mattel Promo!

My Photo!

She is darker than many of the smaller AA dolls 

She is close to SIS Courtney's complexion.

She has an Afro puff top bun with painted on tendrils to give her
the "baby hair look".

So let look at her face!  She has wide set eyes!  She has light eye.  They kinda
the color seen on Chandra dolls.

My 2010 Stacie and my Stacie clone but have wide set eyes.

 AA Stacie and AA Stacie clone!

She also has fat Whitney Houston eyebrows which is different for a Mattel
doll. Now this might just be my doll, but her lips are over painted to give
her a full mouth.
You can't see it but the back of her head says 2010 like the last version of the doll!
She comes in this pink dress with pearl white sneakers and a white lab coat.

She also comes with a science set.  The set contains test tube and holder a
burner stand with flask, (They were smart enough to not provide the burner.
I can see where there would be legal issues.) and tubing, a microscope
and goggles. Just like the Barbie Science set.
Her sneakers say B for Barbie and not Stacie like the boy doll!

I guess because she comes with the science set, that makes her the smart girl! Yay! Not the one that wants to be a model, or an athlete.

Now let's look at her body!
Warning! Nude doll!

She has the same 2018 body  with flatten chest of the Team Stacie boy doll!  I
wondered if she was suppose to be a boy but they change it at the end.
We haven't had a AA male child doll since the AA Todd of 1994! I might get
another to turn into a boy!

I was hoping to use my extra Keyshia body for her but she is darker than the
darker Keyshia doll.  So I am going to have to hold on to that body a little longer.

On my doll the body is a little lighter than the arms and legs.  I found this too in
some of the SIS Kara  and Chandra dolls.

Now I don't know why but I am happy that this doll doesn't have the bent arm
but her knees don't bend either.  I can tell you that I would be really bummed
to have non-click knee and a bent arm!!!  I can live with how she is.
I am hoping the next line will have the Hispanic doll without a bent arm.

 I am calling her Nikia!
 Some say that she has a tentative smile!  I think she is one of those dolls that looks
different depending on the angle that you photograph her from.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Jeanie said...

Her eyes definitely look different from other angles. I can't decide if I like the baby hairs or not.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks for the detailed review of Stacie. I am happy with the straight arms as opposed to one being bent at the elbow. I like her complexion. The production doll does not look like the prototype. The prototype looks more like Fashionista 93. I think she will look great as a boy, too.


Phyllis said...

Oh she is cute! I did pick her up at Target too. I haven't opened her yet, but will do it soon. Thanks for the review!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Jeanie, dbg of BDE and Phyllis!

Jeanie, I to am not sure how I feel about the baby hair thing either! The eyes being smaller and the eyebrows being larger does give her a different than many Mattel dolls!

dbg of BDE, she does have a warm chocolate complexion! I too think she will make a great boy. If I can remove the eyelashes or maybe repaint the eye altogether.

Phyllis, You have great willpower! I can rarely wait till I am hope to open the doll up!

Whatsthe411hon said...

Can you do a full bodied shot of her and the clone Stacie? Trying to see the height comparison. Great doll! Looking forward to hopefully more!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Whatsthe411hon! This new doll is Stacie size. If you are looking for the size of the clone you might want to see my review of the clone here

april_n_paris said...

Congratulations on your new doll. She is precious!!!

Muff said...

I only have a few dolls with baby hairs drawn on and they don't look good. Maybe if the paint was more wispy instead of so thick it would look better. That's said, she's a cutie and I'm digging the fro.

Georgia Girl said...

She is super cute! I have not seen her in stores yet, but I have heard that she is showing up. I hope to get her one day. I am on no doll shopping right now Great review!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments April, Muff and Georgia Girl!

April, It is about time Mattel did a doll like this! I do thing that Mattel troll FaceBook and blogs for ideas! I think they say the AA clones on the web and thought that they should go for it!

Muff, the fact the Mattel is trying things more like real life I guess is a good thing.

Georgia Girl, I think she will be in the stores when you are ready!