Friday, January 18, 2019

My Christmas Gift!

Hey Gang!

Last year I did get a Barbie as a Christmas present!  My brother-law, who knows I
collect Barbies and who gave me the Artic Barbie back in 12-2011, gave me another
Barbie this year!  I want to show you what I got!

1996 Bloomingdales Exclusive "Calvin Klein" Barbie doll! I am told that she is
a limited addition! Calvin Klein was really hot during the 90's!  With the Marky
Mark featured ad appearing in 1992!

She is currently still in the box!  Here is the front of the box. It is a great photo!
The box might not be in the best condition but...hey.... it is a gift!
Here is the back of the box photo.  I didn't know Mattel did this kind of front/back photo!

OK, here is the doll in the window of the box!
I don't think I had ever seen this doll in person until now! This doll is older than my
blog.  I have seen piece of her outfit  for  sale on the web and thought they were really
well made!
Here is here face and I am thinking I might have her as  a nude doll somewhere in
my collection. I beleive this is the Super Star headsculpt!  I love her hat and jacket!
 She comes with a vest that can be worn over her outfit!
 She has a KC bag too!
This is a really well made jacket and skirt! It look like There are CK undies too!
Even the gray shirt under the jacket say CK!

For now, I plan to add her to my dolls that are NRFB!  Time will tell!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


simsgrl said...

Love the doll, what a great brother you have.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...


I purchased two of these when they were released in the 1990s. I redressed a black doll in one of the doll's CK fashion and eventually sold both.


Muff said...

Now that is a cool looking doll. All that attention to detail is great. I really like that they showed the back photo on the box.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your simsgrl, dbg of BDE comments and Muff!

Simsgrl, It great when family understand you and what you like!

dbg of BDE, What made you sell them?

Muff, The back of Mattel boxes has been forgotten in the last 10 years! I remember when they would show you dolls in the other outfits on the back of the box or the story of the doll. Alas, it is no more! Only on the back of Fashionista do they show anything!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

They were purchased to sell. I just didn't do it immediately.


Ms. Leo said...

dbg of BDE Oh,OK!