Monday, November 26, 2018

Longhouse-- Working On The Layout

Hey Gang!

My Native American dolls were one of the first dolls to move to Johnston.  In my
mind, some of the dolls there live communally and others have house on
the campus.  I have several ideas of what I want the main seating area in my
Native American longhouse to look like.  I know the furniture I want to use...
I think and I will add a few other things. I plan to use a large box and cover
it with some type of covering to make the walls of the room.  Here is my
ruff draft of the room!

Most of the items I am using are things that I have found in thrift stores.
Like the two benches that will be sofas.

And this pie cooler in the back.  I have already used the cabinet in the dinning hall 
so I guess I will use something else.
This desk I got from will take me some time to get it right.  I will have to 
make draws and other touches to give it the right feel.
the wood stove need a flu and I need to find nic nacs.
Try # 2
I like he rug but I am thinking the walls are too dark. even with colorful art.
These stumps will be tables. I think I could use glass tops. I want the wood to show.
I have two different fabrics I am thinking about for the sofas,. This is choice #1

 This is #2 a blanket type style in colors.

Any suggestions?

OK, Thanks For Looking!


simsgrl said...

Your room is coming together nicely. I like blanket #2.

Jeanie Schmidt said...

I vote for option 2 on the sofas! And I agree about the dark walls.

Brenova said...

This is going to be really nice, when you’re done. I love the rustic look. Btw, I like the colorful #2 option.

jSarie said...

Nice! I really like the rustic benches. :)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Simsgrl, Jeanie, Brenova and jSarie!

Simsgrl, Jeanie and Benova, I have you all down for #2! It seems it is the popular choice.

Simsgrl and Benova, find the things that I want for the longhouse is a journey. With all the pink items out here, I will have to paint or make everything I want for it.

Jeanie, Yes, I will either need to make the top of the wall light or pick something else for the bottom.

jSarie, I found three but only two are in good shape. The other needs work.