Friday, October 19, 2018

The Laboratory-The Setting Up!

Hey Gang!

Hikaru Nakashima is setting up his laboratory business in Johnston.  He has
worked for other companies but he relishes being able to own his lab and
work for himself.  As in most hospital, the lab, pharmacy and the morgue are
located in the basement.

Hikaru is meeting with Harold and going over the blueprints for the lab.  If this was a
sitcom, we would all be applauding as Harold enters.

Harold: OK! This is a pretty good space!

 I think I should be able to make this work for him.
Harold halls in his stuff and awaits Hikaru.
Hikaru: Hi, you must be Harold! I am Hikaru Nakashima
Harold: Who is that with you?  You can sit that right here so it will be in a safe
Harold: Well, you are a cutie!
Harold: What is your name?
Hikaru: This is my son Asas.  My wife is taking a test.  So he is with me for now.
I got the blueprints for the space. 
Harold: I will set up the table and we can take a look at them.
Hikaru:  I got this from the hospital's director.  I will needs some adds and I am
hoping to have everything finished in two months.  Does that sound do-able?
Harold: Well, I will need to hear what you want, look at the blueprints and let you know
how long it will take.
Hikaru: I am having a sink unit sent.   The receiving window should be on that wall.
Harold: What about the refrigerator?  It will need it own line and it should be on 
the line accessible to the emergency electrical line.  So if the place looses power 
the refrigeration will still be running. 

Hikaru: I think I want it here.  Oh...
I am waiting for the specks on a hood.  I think it will go here.  Meanwhile, Hanna
Hanna: Hi, I am here for the scion!
This is my cousin Hanna.
Harold: Nice to meet you!
Hikaru: Hanna, this is Harold Hill.
Hanna: Nice to meet you too!
Harold: See you later buddy!
Hey there cuz! Are you ready to go?  We are going to go get a milkshake!
Where are you going to be?  I will text Rie and tell her where to meet you!
I'll be at the fast food restaurant!  Rie texted me and told me she would meet
me there to pick up the baby.
Hikaru: OK, see you later!
Hanna: Bye guys!

A few weeks later and Harold is installing the floor for the lab. It is black and white
tile.  It is easy to clean.
Harold: The electrical lights and outlets are next.
WOW! Almost done.  The pharmacy will be next space to start.
Harold: I will need to locate the receiving window.  It was a last minute add. The
computer lines were added last week.
I think there need to be more outlets than ordered.  I will add them too.
I am ready for the building inspector.  He will be here for the first inspection.
A few weeks later, more of  equipment and supplies have started to arrive too!
 The lab is almost ready to open!
  The lab is almost ready to receive work.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Jeanie Schmidt said...

Nice lab! I need a Harold for my Barbieville... maybe Joe can be my Harold...

AG Lanc said...

its looking good! Harold is handsome

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Jeanie and AG Lanc!

Jeanie, Thanks! Harold Hill the handyman is one of those characters that created himself and makes his own stories.

AG Lanc, Thanks, he is one of my thrift store finds that I am still pleased with.

Presto said...

I love your photostory posts. It's so fun to see the pieces you've worked on getting incorporated into the dolly world like this! I love Harold's toolbox, what a good-looking prop!

april_n_paris said...

Wow...they really did a great job putting that room together!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Presto and April!

Presto, I have other pieces that I am working on for this room. It is inspired by the CSI lab and Abby's lab on NCIS. Tool box is from Micheal's!

April, Harold is one of the best contractors/handyman in my doll town!

Jeanie Schmidt said...

Hannah used the word "scion" correctly. I like her already.

The grandmommy said...

You have some really cool lab stuff there! Are you going to have stories take place in there?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Jeanie and The grandmommy!

Jeanie, That's our Hanna! She is quite the character.

The grandmommy, Yup! The story is years in the making.

D7ana said...

That lab floor looks great. Harold did a great job. The lab is shaping up nicely.

Now to see your blog stories ....