Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Playsets to Diorama

Hey Gang!

I purchased the science set even though I didn't like all the pink in the set!
As a person who works in the sciences, I know that there is just not much
pink to be found there.

The full set!

I could get the pieces of the background without tearing it. So I wasn't able to save that.
I do like the pieces! My dolls can always use and extra laptop. The test tube
holder the beakers and beakers and flasks are a nice touch,.

I have never seen a pink and green  Bunsen burner.

I also purchased the Our Generation Science set.  There were pieces in it that I thought
I could use that wasn't in the Barbie set! It was about $15 more than the Barbie set.
Here are the pieces that came with the set.  Some items aren't Barbie scale.  

What really grabbed my attention is the white rolling table!  I know it can be used for
so much.

I also like the skeleton!  It is a great scale!
From the front!
 From the back!
The tail bone!  Growing up there were always crazy saying about
the tail bone! Like sitting on cold steps... you could catch a cold in
your tail bone!  Not possible!

If you follow my blog, you might remember I found a  1/6 scale skeleton at a
thrift store last year.  It is a little different than this one.  I don't think my other
skeleton has a tail bone!  I might have do a head to head or would that be skull
to skull comparison.

The mitts, books, glasses and writing utensils are just too large to be used.
I think I will try to sell them to an American Girl owner for their doll. So if 
you are interested, let me know.

I debated the apron but decided to keep it!

While these items are a little large, I do think I can make it work!
I thought I could combine these sets to make the kind of lab I wanted.  The colors
of the sets being off, they don't really to good together as is. Sometimes,
on small things, you can change the color with a magic marker.  I can also use
paint that I have here it that doesn't work.  So let's try that!
 Painted the draws sliver!
 Then I did the stool but not the under side!
The burner stand was painted.
Along with the candle.
 Painted the shelf too!
This give the Barbie set a more unified look.
I painted the microscope on the Our Generations set!

I still figuring out the lab but I will show you what is happening with it soon.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Jeanie Schmidt said...

The local Big Lots has the Barbie science lab and art studio sets for ten bucks each. I keep looking at them and putting them back on the shelf! Just can't justify the cost right now and then it'll be too close to Christmas to buy for myself (family rule). I hope they're still there after New Year!

AG Lanc said...

I have the My generation doll set.I had the same idea to buy the barbie set and use it as a desk in in chemist lab.

Jeanie Schmidt said...

You could put new covers on the books and use them elsewhere. Think how big I Spy and Where's Waldo books are! Coffee Table books are a good size, too.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Jeanie and AG Lanc!

Jeanie, we are talking Big Lot! They will be empty after the holidays. You better get what you want from them now. I use my thumb as Barbie hand size and these books are way too big.
No books the size of a 42" TV.

AG Lanc, I really want they silver cart that comes with the vet set!

Erin O said...

A friend sent me the Barbie set and I grabbed a My Life biology set from Wal Mart. The My Life set is of course, a bit too big, but since I'm trying to set up a college classroom, I thought it could work as a display model and maybe a fancy electron microscope. The anatomy model does look nice assembled. I couldn't resist, I wanted to play with it all myself! The tiny slides and light up microscope are too adorable. The Barbie set looks great painted, I might have to try it with mine.

Jeanie Schmidt said...

I guess they must be big even for the dolls they're meant for! (The books, I mean.) As for Big Lots... I'm not gonna incur the wrath of my family for the sake of a couple desks (cause, honestly, that's why I keep eyeballing them) and a few bits I may or may not use.

D7ana said...

Congrats on your new seta. I like how you've painted the accessories that were in unlikely pastel colors. Your dolls will be happy!

Jeanie Schmidt said...

BTW I'm sorry if my last comment came across as mean.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Jeanie, I didn't think it was mean, just honest! Family does dictate what is important! I sometime get a look when I bring in doll stuff!