Saturday, September 29, 2018

I May Never Be An OOAK Artist. Head Swaps And Repaints!

Hey Gang!

I may never be an OOAK artist. You will never see me selling OOAK dolls
on line. I have been working on a few dolls off and on. I might not be professional
but I can change a few dolls in a manner I find more acceptable.

After repainting the eye of SIS Chandra (I don't like sideways eyes thing),
I didn't do anything other than change the bodies on my dolls for years!
I think I can do better so I might repaint her eyes again.

Then one fall day  while painting leave for diorama use, I decided after watch
a MyFroggyStuff video to repaint my ken doll!
Ryan repaint
Then I painted Jude's hair!

Jude Edwards is his name.  He need some tattoo and more piercings.  He is being
added to my Twenty-something crew.

First up is my second AA Chelsea boy!

I told you before that I was planning to paint his hair black.
Well I did paint his hair black!

The before doll.
The after doll 
Noah! He is now on an SIS Courtney body.
 Dante' and Noah
 Dante': Welcome to Johnston Noah!
Noah: I glad to be here!

Ricky Repaint!

I saw this picture of Ricky dolls!

Picture by Arnaldo Cardona-Rivera2003
So I also repainted a Ricky doll with Black hair. I wasn't sure if I wanted
to paint him with black hair on blonde hair.  I had saw a picture online of \
Ricky done both ways but I opted for black.  I may do a blonde doll later.

So here is Ricky before.
Here is rick, now Zachery, after!
 Zachery: Glad to meet you all!  I glad to be here too!

Rebodied Dolls

I have had Generation Girl Blaine and Derek for a very long time. Since even before 
I started blogging.  They haven't got much blog time because of their body and the 
gift giving arms. I have sold their bodies and kept their heads waiting for a new 
body. So you won't get a before photo.

Rocker Derek has a older darker complexions so I knew I need that complexion in an
articulated body.

 Blaine need a paler articulated body.

Fashionista Ken 2018 Cactus Cooler.
Now some dolls you want to redo and other dolls you kinda have to!  When
I found this doll in the stores, all seem to have the same problem with the hair line!

As you can see the hairline is not like it looks in the promos! Everyone I have seen
doesn't have a clean hairline.

So I knew I needed to clean it up but then I decided to do something different.
I knew that anyone who had a shaved bun the shaved would not look so solid.
It isn't the best job.  As I figure out how to do this better, he might get redone.

I also closed his mouth.  I didn't realize the nail polish had sparkles, so this might get
redone too!  Then he was rebodied onto an articulated body.

He is on a Disney Descendants Ben body.
Norio Nakashima
 Norio: Glad to be here! 
Steven need to be articulated for stories and dioramas! I got the idea for how
 to do this from Hey, It's Muff.  
Here he is on his new body!
 Steven: I am really looking forward to more stories now!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


The grandmommy said...

That must have been fun for all of you. I saw looks of relief when they went from those stiff bodies to the new articulated ones. Good job!

Georgia Girl said...

Wow! You did a really good job on them all! I love the hair colors that you chose for the male dolls. The rebodies look nice as well!!

Jeanie Schmidt said...

That's funny! I put the same head on my Descendants Ben body! (I left his name Ben, though.) Don't ya hate it when the paint hairline does not line up with the molded hairline?

april_n_paris said...

I think you've done a fine job! I, like you, will never be a repaint artist (though I wish I were). But sometimes I like to change my dolls' "makeup." It all comes down to making the necessary changes to make us happy!

Phyllis said...

Oh wow, great work! I am actually going to try to do some simple face and hair makeovers too. Seeing your awesome work is giving me the incentive to start trying!

D7ana said...

You did great: new bodies and new looks. Sounds like fun to me! Enjoy yourself.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments, The grandmommy, Georgia Girl, Jeanie, April, Phyllis and D7ana!

The grandmommy, yeah, it was a lot fun redoing everything. I plan to do more.

Georgia Girl and Phyllis, I am surprised and glad you think my work was good & awesome and not just my middling attempt. I did have fun and suggest you give it a try!

Jeanie, brilliant minds think alike! I am happy with the new body but I need to give his styling more consideration.

April, it doesn't surprise me that a person that makes such great clothes for your dolls would make many alteration to your dolls like that you would make to an outfit. You, in the future may become an OOAK artist.

D7ana, We need to get together for a play date and work on dolls together!