Sunday, September 23, 2018

Frugal Dolly Finds! Hit Or Miss!

Hey Gang!

So from time to time there are cheap things being sold that can be used for Barbie
and 1/6 scale dolls.  Here are a few things that are out there.  Hopefully you can find them
in your neighborhood if you like them.

First Up Door Ornaments!

These are being sold in Dollar General.  They are doors that are Barbie size!  I am
hoping to find them here but they have put out the Christmas stuff here yet.

Photos above are courtesy of Melissa Poe Chambers.  You can see that they are
Barbie scale! I was told that the decoration is hot glued on.  They can be carefully
Photo above is courtesy of   Linda Messer Perich the door comes in three colors.
They should repaint well if you need a different color.  I would call these a hit!

Next Up Is Wall Decorations!

I spotted these in the Dollar Store as I was about to check out!  I thought they might 
have been tablecloths.  I found a grass tablecloth last year that worked well and 
thought these might be a good find too.  There were two different pattern.  And the 
way that the packaging was, I couldn't see through to get a good look.  I had to go 
on only the picture on the front. I was hoping that they would make good backdrops.

The graveyard 

Because this are kinda thin, it works better with something behind it. Preferably 
something white.  It work better for the sky if it is something white.

 With a few other props, it is ready to go!

The brick wall.

The brick wall is to large for Barbie or 1/6 dolls.

I might find a way I can use it but not as it is.  
Tomb or Cave

So it is kinda of  miss!

OK,Thanks For Looking!


Jeanie Schmidt said...

I disagree about the scale of the stone wall. We have a flood wall here in town that looks almost exactly like that. Or it could be a patio floor. I do like your tomb or cave idea, though. Funny how we take the same thing in different directions!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Jeanie! I guess I so used to the brick print of scrapbook paper that I can't see beyond that to a new idea. Or maybe if I would have seen your flood wall, I would have thought differently. Your
comment has open my mind to new ideas. Thanks!

april_n_paris said...

It's always interesting to see things that our dolls could use. I do like very much the door with the Christmas wreath!. Hope you'll post more ideas as you find them!

Georgia Girl said...

These are cool finds! I hope that the doors come the store in my area. I especially love the brick wall! Thanks for sharing!

Muff said...

These are so neat! I especially like that spooky graveyard.

Phyllis said...

Some very nice finds! Perhaps you can adhere the back drops to some cardboard or foam core board?! I love the doors! I will have to be on the lookout for those!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments April, Georgia Girl, Muff and Phyllis! The doors are just starting to show up in Dollar General. So keep your eyes peeled! As I find more things, I will post them.

April, I remember reading a comment on a blogger's post where she looked at everything like it could be used for barbie.

Georgia Girl, I might not have purchase the wall if I could have seen thought the package. I am now see a story line in which I use that brick wall. An Indiana Jones type adventure.

Muff, I can totally see you using the graveyard!

Phyllis, I will try adhere it to cardboard I think it will smooth out the wrinkles.

D7ana said...

Thanks for these tips! I'll definitely look for the doors.

The grandmommy said...

I'll be looking for the backdrops! Thanks!

Jeanie Schmidt said...

I'll be looking for the doors AND the backdrops!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments D7ana, The grandmommy and Jeanie!

D7ana, I'll let you know when I spot them and you do the same please.

The grandmommy, look in all the Dollar Trees in your area!

Jeanie, let me know when you do!

Jeanie Schmidt said...

So far all I've found is the stone wall. The other backdrop they had was a potion brewing station and way off scale for dolls. I really really want those doors!

Jeanie Schmidt said...

The Pikes have a stone barn now... that stuff was hard to un-wrinkle as I glued it on the trifold! And I've still got about half of it left! But Angus and Silver Stream thanked me for giving them a home!

Jeanie Schmidt said...

Boo. The stone wall backdrop didn't work out for me... the Pike's barn had to be redone. Hope you have better luck with yours!