Sunday, July 29, 2018

Coupon Purchase!

Hey Gang!
I wanted to show you what I purchased with my coupon!

Yup! AA Beekeeper Barbie!

I did have another purchase in mind but it wasn't at any of the stores I went
to.  For the record, I wasn't easy to use the coupon.  Many of the clerks didn't
Know how to process it. After going through several customer service people
and a few managers. I was able to make the purchase.  My coupon was only
for $10.00 so I had to add money to it in order to make the purchase.
This time of year I am doing a lot of things related to gardening and she
felt like a good fit.

This career is quite different from most things I have seen Barbie do. So that
made it a good purchase too!

 I have the AA version.  I didn't see the Caucasian version of the doll in any store. I
think it means she is a good seller.
Mine came with five bees but I have seen some people say that they had six.
I have two bottles of honey!
 A hive
 cash register.
 She has a great outfit too!
 Jacket, jeans 
 and boots!
 Gloves and Hat!
So here is the set without the doll!
 My five bees and

 There are holders for the honey and the cash register in the stand.
 There are holes for six bee! So maybe some sets came with six.
There is a draw in the back for storage.
 Or you can drop it down the hole!

I was hoping the hive was removable. It may be with a little work or 
I might break it trying to separating it.  We will see!

The outfit!
The hat
 The net.
 The hat can be use other ways!  I have a few thoughts.  What about you?
The background can be used too!  I am using more of the backgrounds for 
dioramas if I like them.

 Warning Nude doll!

This is the doll out of the outfit.
 Some have said that there was a problem with the fingers but I didn't have that issue.
The headsculpt has been used a lot.  So I don't see myself keeping the doll.  She will go up
for sale shortly.

I found this video on bees found in strange places!  I thought I would share!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Anonymous said...

This is really an adorable set! The many accessories and outfit are awesome!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment MillicentAndFriends! I am glad to see Mattel do some out of the box careers for Barbie! How many times can she be a teacher?

Erin O said...

How cool! I have a vintage beekeeper hat for Barbie somewhere in my stuff, (or I used much of my old Barbie stuff has been lost) but I never really thought much about it. There must have been at least a beekeeper outfit for her before at some point, but it is very very cool to see a full set like this!

Muff said...

I'm actually impressed by that. Different and interesting!

april_n_paris said...

Nice set! I like the whole outfit and the accessories are precious!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Erin, Muff and April!

Erin, I would love to see your set if you find it. I thought this was the first time it was done!

Muff, I thought it was different too!

April, I think so too! I am work on try to see different ways I can use these items that come with the set!

Erin O said...

If I run across that hat again, I will definitely post about it! So much of my vintage Barbie stuff has been lost during moves, but some items pop up now and then.

Ms. Leo said...

Erin, that is why I hate moving!