Friday, March 16, 2012

Mulan Head Swap!

New Girl On The Beach!

Liv bodies really look good on Asian dolls! It seems surprising
that they didn't make an Asian Liv doll. I found this doll
at the same thrift store from my previous post. Under normal
circumstances I would have past her by. I have two Mulan
dolls but none with this face. Off brand dolls look good on Liv
bodies too. Like this was the body they had been waiting for.
So I purchase her for $3.00.

Here is what she looked like when she was new! My purchase
didn't come with this dress which I like.

Here she is saying goodbye to her old body!
Notice she has pointed toes for ballet! It make it hard to
sit in a restaurant or on walk on the beach with those feet.

Those feet were killing me! I was so busty too!

Her head was swapped a new body!

She thanks Hayden for her donation!

She is enjoying a well deserved vacation in St. Malcolm
after her time at the thrift store.

She is much more confident on her new body! She allows
me to do a photo shoot of her! What is that off in the
distance... fun and post time on the horizon!

Her hair is a little wild! She might need to visit the salon
while she is here.

She has a kinda Moko charm now!

I just need a drink and a good book!

Maybe she is a cover girl... or

swimsuit model...

party girl...

or just a beach bum!

I do love the water!

I need a name!

Thanks for looking!


Vanessa said...

You are right. The Asian dolls wear those LIV bodies the best. She looks good with her new bod.

D7ana said...

Cute! She looks so happy to be able to express herself now.

Chynadoll said...

Very cute! She def loves her new body. Great pics of her with it!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: welcome back. I've read your posts on my blog. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you enjoyed your other passion: gardening. Congratulations on your purchase of this doll male action: Windsufer Joe. I see your collection of men increases. What luck! keep in contact blog blog.


Smart idea, her face goes well with a liv body.

Frannie said...

She really looks awesome on her new body. Love her original dress also.

Hey, It's Muff said...

She looks very refreshed on her new body. Like she went to the big city Mary Tyler Moore style.

Georgia Girl said...

The body matches perfectly. I love her wavy hair.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa, D7ana, Chynadoll, Marta, MYFAVORITEBARBIE, Frannie, Hey, It's Muff, and Georgia Girl!

Vanessa, D7ana and Chynadoll, It is like she is a brand new doll. I am going to have to get her a family and a story now!

Hi Marta! Thanks for your comment!

MYFAVORITEBARBIE, welcome to my blog! Unfortunately I am amassing a large box of Liv heads! Anyone need a Liv doll head?

Frannie, I'm not one for the Disney costumes but I would have kept it if she came with it!

Hey, It's Muff, I heard the words to the theme song when I read your post! It fits her! Yeah, I'm one of those crazy people who has that kind of info in my head. I will hum it all day now.

Georgia Girl, The body is a pretty good match. Sophie might have been better but I'm saving that body for a head that should come in the mail next week.;) I which I had more Liv bodies!