Thursday, May 7, 2015

What My Dasia Wears!

Hey Gang!

My Dasia doll who's name is Nola Washington.  She works for the office
of Public Affairs here. She is a big girl, that is how she describes herself, with
a big laugh.  Yeah, you can hear her laughing down the hall!  She loves to laugh!
She has a big heart too.  She is kind, generous  and is a very good friend to all
who know her.  She isn't as lucky as Vanessa's of Van's Dolls Treasures to
have outfits made especially for her.  My doll wardrobe is mostly Teddy Bear
outfits and Groovy Girl clothes but she does have some things to wear.

So here she is with the tube dress from my previous post and a
Groovy Girl vest.
 The tube dress is very versatile and works as a dress or a skirt!  She only has three
pairs of shoes right now!
White pumps
One of the members of the Dasia Facebook group recommended these shoes for
the doll.
These are Starting Lineup action figure sneakers.
 and Uggs
These are Playmate doll shoes.
First outfit is for hanging, gardening and casual moments.
 She calls this her Minnie Riperton look!  All she is missing is the ice cream cone!
 Teddy Bears overalls.
She has two groovy Girl coats!
Coat #1
This one I showed in the post from the Philly Doll Club meeting!
 and coat #2 is this pink one!  Her favorite color is pink!
Nola: I just love this coat

 She has these Teddy bear jeans that she loves and wears with everything!
 Yellow striped top!
 Teddy sweater
She needs some white pants to make this a dressy look!

 Groovy girl red top
 She is a big Eagles fan!
No matter how well or not well they do!

This is an Elle doll denim top.

I love the peasant look!  I think she needs a skirt to work with this!

This is her Jill Scott look!

She is a hat girl too!

She is very involved in breast cancer awareness...

 and does run/walks and events! 

Another of her favorite outfits is this
Groovy Girl outfit!

Pants worn with Teddy Bear Sweater.

I found this dress at a thrift store.  I don't know who it is by. It works well
with the shoes.

Dressy Teddy Bear dress and jacket.

Dress by itself. She need those silver sandals that Vanessa's doll has.

She is also and excellent singer and sings on the choir.
I found this top on a thrift store doll I purchased.

She sings for other events too!
So be in the look out for bear clothes

OK, Thanks For Looking!


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Nola hasa wonderful wardrobe, she has a lot of style!

Inka said...

ubrana niczym nastolatka - nie tylko się błyskawicznie odmłodziła ale i wygląda świetnie - tak lekko! cudna!

Ladonna Russell said...

Nola looks nice, great outfits

Phyllis said...

Wow, quite a nice variety of outfits. She is looking good. I got those shoes too. I also found a pair of black patent leather and off white patent leather heels for my Dasia. I purchased some hand made shirts that are for Ken, but a bit oversized from a seller on ebay and they fit her very nicely!

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Nola has a cute wardrobe!

Georgia Girl said...

Nola has quite a wardrobe! I especially love the dress from the thrift store. Nice!

Vanessa said...

Love Nola's wardrobe! She has some really nice pieces in there. I'm not even aware of who the Groovy Girls are. I will have to look them up. Thanks so much for the shout out!

The grandmommy said...

OH my goodness! NOla has quite a wardrobe! Probably the best I have seen yet!
Mine is still naked. I need to get on the ball!

Brini said...

You Dasia has a lot of clothing options! She's always going to be jazzy!

Carrickters said...

What a great wardrobe for a great lady. Great ideas Ms Leo. It just shows what a bit of experimentation can give you.

Male Doll World said...

Wow. She looks good in her clothes. I see that there is a nice selection of clothes for her.

Fricskamacska said...

Hoy coso ropa nueva para la hija de un amigo Dasia. La mina le gustaría, él será el próximo momento. Grandes ropa !!

D7ana said...

Looking good, Nola! The pink leopard coat rocks. I love her Jill Scott best though.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Billa, Inka, Ladonna, Phyllis, RoxanneRoxanne, Georgia Girl, Vanessa, The grandmommy, Brini, Carrickter, Male Doll World, Fricskamacska and D7ana!

Billa, RoxanneRoxanne, Brini, Male Doll World and Ladonna, I hope to keep up her great style. I need to work on a home for her too!

Dziękuję Inka , Ona ma wyglądać młodziej ! Myślę, że podoba jej się wyglądać w ten sposób!

Phylliss please share with me where you found the shoes. My girl needs some shoes! After reading your comment, I went through my Ken shirt I purchase on ebay. A few do fit her! Thanks!

Georgia Girl, I thought I know who that dress was buy but I forgot.

Vanessa, Correction! Some of the pieces are TY Beanies. When I went back to look at them, I found that out.

The grandmommy, It is time you get started on her! Two or three items at least.

Carrickters, All you need is a little experimentation

Fricskamacska, Espero que la ropa que te hacen llegar también. Yo no he empezado a coser para mi muñeca todavía.

D7ana, being from Philly, I thought you would like the Jill Scott look. You know not everyone can rock a pink leopard coat outside of Jersey!

Tasha Thames said...

I know I am late to post but she is beautiful!