Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Video Redo! Update!!! Thanks For The Help!

Hey Gang!

I have this video that has been blocked on YouTube! I used a song I guess
I shouldn't. Anyway don't have another copy of the video that I can even
change and update to post. Do you know if I can download this video from
YouTube and change the music? I have also added my other videos to my
video page if you missed any.  I don't know will I will do my next one but
I'll let you know when I do!

Thanks for any help you might give me!
Update, I redid it!  Thanks for all the help MajorMistakes and limbe dolls!

Grail In The Mail! The redo!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


MajorMistakes said...

There are tons of sites when you google "download video from youtube", however lots of them change quality of videos. If that's the only copy you should still try it. Also, I recommend Jamendo site, site with free music from artist (paying is optional), you can ask musician for permission to use their music (in my case the artist agreed as my project was non-profit). Good luck with downloading it!

limbe dolls said...

Hi Ms. Leo, You Tube has tools that allow you to edit in their platform so you may be able to change the music without having to download the video. If you allow mp4 downloads in the settings for the video you should also be able to download it.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks again MajorMistakes and limbe doll for your help! I know I can always count on my doll friends!

The grandmommy said...

OH Ms Leo...I LIKE him!

Muff said...

Great video, Ms. Leo! He certainly has style.

Georgia Girl said...

I can't help with YouTube info. I barely made it through video. Lol! I loved your video and handsome doll! I love his clothes. I have none for my guts. I need to purchase them some.

Vanessa said...

Nice video. I love all the new outfits he tried on. The African one suited him really well. So did all the urban outfits. That mohawk reminds me of Michael Strahan. Glad you were able to fix the video.