Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pic of dolls with the same face

This is a picture of some of my favorite dolls. It is a
grandmother and these are her nieces! Aren't they cute!


D7ana said...

Love the photo ... the family resemblance is uncanny LOL!

I-Luv-Dolls said...

Thanks! It is surprising what changing the face paint can do. I took your suggestion and add new posting and pics to my blog. This is going to be fun.
Thanks again!

D7ana said...

Yes, sometimes the face paint can make the dolls appear to be different characters. That's how I end up with lots pf dolls with the same mold. Shrug. When it works, it works ;-D.

cyano said...

I didnt know AA HF Grandma uses this head mold!

Ms. Leo said...

Yeah! They alter the shape of the head on Tayor so the face is the same but the numbers on the back of the head are a little different. OK same face mold different head mold. Barbie never publishes any of this stuff. They leave it for others to figure out.
I like the Desiree head mold but I like the 2002 the best!