Thursday, February 12, 2015

Video of the Month--Doll Craft In Spanish!

Hey Gang!

I have watched a lot of My Froggy Stuff videos.  So I can appreciate a doll video,
even if it is not in English, that shares new ideas about a doll crafts.  I especially
thought that folks like Hey, It's Muff would enjoy this doll craft video.  Muff has a
MacGyver spirit! 

Here is another

I have recently subscribe to her video.  Some are in English and some are in Spanish.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


The grandmommy said...

Cute! If you click on the settings wheel you can set the closed caption for English. It is not perfect but a little helpful when viewing in another language!

Farrah Lily said...

Great videos! Even though I can barely understand Spanish, it was really entertaining to watch and I think I could definitely recreate that fridge. Some people are just so creative. :)

Akisuky-san said...

:D el canal de youtube manulidadesparaniños tiene su version en ingles es simplekidscrafts

Vanessa said...

She's really good. I love her creativity. Thanks for sharing.

Brini said...

I love Youtube! Thanks for sharing this too. A lot of great ideals.

D7ana said...

Neat! I'll check back when I can look.

Thanks for sharing ;-)

Muff said...

That was awesome! And she even showed how to add a light to your fridge!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments The grandmommy, Farrah Lily, Akisuky, Vanessa, Brini, D7ana and Muff!

The grandmommy, thanks for the information

Farrah Lily, Vanessa, Brini,
D7ana and Muff, I really thought you would like it!

Akisuky, Gracias por la información!

Oly said...

That's simplekidscrafts! Go check out her other channel It's in full English.