Friday, February 6, 2015

Ja,Yeo and Yuan

Hey Gang!

In keeping with the Year of the Children, I would like you to meet these three girls...
Ja, Yeo and Yuan.

Ja and Yeo are sisters.
Yeo is shy!
This is Yuan! She is fast!
You are to stay with me!  Don't run off or I'll tell our aunt!

Yuan: OK Kwan!

She is such a hand fill!

We should all stay together!


Their mother is Kristi Kim.  The cousins Kwan and Yaun live with them.

OK Thanks For Looking!


Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Who is Yeo? She's adorable!

limbe dolls said...

Very cute! I recognize Bruce Lee but who are the other dolls? Where did you get them?

Georgia Girl said...

Very nice additions to your dolly family. Yuan has such an adorable face....very cute! She does looks very shy. I have never seen them before. What brand are they?

Roville said...

They are adorable!

Vanessa said...

They are so adorable. I love the new Asian family.

Brini said...

Are those the dolls you have been getting from your doll meets? They are so cute!

Phyllis said...

What cute little Asian dolls! Where did you get them? I actually don't recognize any of them, so you will have to share their stories. Nice family addition to your community.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Anderson's All-Purpose, limbe dolls, Georgia Girl, Roville, Vanessa, Brini and Phyllis. I'm glad everyone likes them! I hope to do some dios with them.

OK Gang, here is the list of dolls that were purchased at thrift stores. Ja is Power Rangers for Girls Trini, Yeo is a Honey Bunch head on a Stacie body. You know how I like to swap heads! Her head was too big for a four inch body. Yuan is a The Cousins triplet doll on a Chelsea Renee body. Her hands and feet were chewed off like she was fed to the hogs from Hannibal. She can now wave.

Carrickters said...

So we should now address you as Dr. Leo instead of Ms.Leo seeing your body/head swaps are so successful. They make a really cute family.

Muff said...

Everyone is so adorable... Bruce too, lol.

D7ana said...

Awww they're so cute, the young girls - and Kristi and Bruce, too, lol. Very clever of you to I.Q.'s head on a Stacie body.

jSarie said...

They look great together!

I was just going to ask what kind of doll Ja was, but I see you've already answer it. Thanks!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Carrickters, Muff, D7ana and jSarie!!

Carrickters, you've got to make the dolls you want when the company doesn't.

Muff, thanks I really like them.

D7ana and jSarie, sometimes it is hard to know who the dolls are after a rebody and restyling.