Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Catwalk Creation House of Fashion!

Hey Gang!

I want to tell you about a purchases that I made in 2014 but did not
post them.  I will still tell about new stuff but I need to finish the old. 

When I saw this item in the store I went right by it the first time reaching for
something else. It was laying flat so you really didn't notice it.  As I pulled it
out to get what I thought I wanted, I took a look at it. Hmmm, I haven't seen
this before.  It is a store!  What is the scale? Yes, Ms. Leo opened it in the store.
I don't have time to get something home and bring it back.  I need to know now
It was a pretty good size.  Okay, what do they want for it... $15.00.
Not to bad! I knew that I need to start Laurent's and didn't know how
I was going to do it.  This kinda fit the bill! 

It is a Crayola Catwalk Creations.  This was never in the doll section or I would
have notice it sooner.  It shows the front of a store.

It shows the inside of a store.

Inside the box!

What did it come with are you asking?   Well here it is!
The set comes with 2 mannequins, 1 clothes rack with 5 hangers, 15 mini
clothes pegs, a fashion boutique complete with 1 summer and 1 winter
backdrop, 2 signs, 12 fabrics, 4 ribbons, 2 stick on gem sheets, 2 rolls of
double-sided tape(you cant bet that) and a sketch book full of templates
and printed mannequins to draw your designs on.  WOW! Where have they
been hiding you!  I have a Liv doll window like MSJ"s Doll Pit (mine is
out of the box so not good for pictures) but it is not like this! So I purchased it!

I had looked at a couple of other peoples store to get a feel for what I
wanted to do. If you are not familiar with Shillman's of Flickr you are in
for a treat! He has created his own department store universe on flickr.
I have also love these photos done by Ro of Roville for years too!  I do miss
her older posts and Pink Day!  I wish we could still see those photo stories.
We can't forget this post from City Circlez either!  So can I get to the
level of these, I don't think so but  you must have a dream!

When I set it up, I saw it was a tad smaller that what I wanted. My many view of
My Froggy Stuff videos has taught me just what to do! Add cardboard!

I took a cardboard tray for sodas and covered it with brick from My Froggy Stuff
blog!  I have printed myself several copies so that I could have if for future projects.

The soda box gave me just the right height so that I could have Aya and other dolls
look in the store.

Aya's boots make her kinda tall.  Raising the store worked well.  I have had these
benches for a while.  I hadn't use them for a while so it was time to get them out.
I have one up for sale on the dollpage too!  The trash can is from the Dollar Store.

I used scrap book paper for the floors in the storewindow.  With the printable
rug that I gave out at out first doll clulb meeting.  I have had a store idea in my mind
for some time and have been collecting items for it for a couple of years.  Having
the store will give me a chance, I hope, to use them! Here is a peek from the top!

I have collected enough mannequins to witch out mannequins this post.  I liked
the color better of this for pictures of

I had this brick contact paper I used for the sidewalk.  I really wish I had
purchased more because I can't find it anymore.

When I looked up the item on the web, I found that they made a few items
like this!  Here are some images off the web.  I hope to do some more store posts

Thanks For Looking!


jSarie said...

Nice find - and nice additions to it!

I really like those window mannequins - I can imagine some great setups you could do with those.

Anonymous said...

Great find, I look forward to the opening of the shop :-)

D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing this Crayola set!

Georgia Girl said...

I have never seen this set before. Very nice! I have seen Shillman's flickr pics and OMG is all that I can say. I agree all of the ones that you mentioned are fabulous!

I recently purchased more of the brick scrapbooking paper at Joann's Fabric Store. I had not seen it for a couple of years and all of a sudden there it was. I purchased several sheets of it. I hope you are able to find some. If not, let me know I can go back to see if they have more.

limbe dolls said...

Your store has very elegant fixtures. Can't wait to see it stocked :-).

Vanessa said...

Love your new storefront. Thanks for the links to all the other storefronts. They are all nice. Shillmans are phenomenal. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

The grandmommy said...

You know, now that I am looking at this I think I saw it new in the thrift store, but didn't realize what it could be used for. You did a great job setting it up!

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Crayola isn't a word I associate with fashion, but it's a pretty cool set. Looks a bit like those Harumika sets. I love how you built a whole diorama around it!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments jSarie, Night Owl, Georgia Girl, D7ana, limbe dolls, Vanessa, The grandmommy and Anderson's AllPurpose!

jSarie, I think the mannequin are My Scene. The stuff they did for that line was so much better than Mattel.

Night Owl and limbe dolls, I am try to find a space to set it up the way I want to take pictures for a least a couple of posts.

Georgia Girl and Vanessa, Yeah Shillmans is the bomb! Georgia Girl what I am really looking for is the brick contact paper I used for the sidewalk! If you see that, please let me know!

D7ana, The grandmommy and Anderson's AllPurpose, This is a different item for Crayola! If I hadn't be trying to get to something in front of it, I would have kept on walking. It will fool you if you didn't look closely. It does look like an item that Harumika would do.