Saturday, January 10, 2015

More Frugal Dolly Finds!

Hey Gang!

So I'm trying to catch the after Christmas sale on items that I can use for doll
and dioramas.  I got a few things and have a few more to get.  These items I
didn't have to pay for. They were going to throw these out.  Two kinds of
branches with berries. 
Small berries!
I got 4 of these

I don't like them as trees so I'm going to take the berries off and use them as
grapes and cherries. Just a little paint will do the trick!
 These are larger berries!  I got 6 of these.
 They will be apples, oranges, tomatoes... and who knows.
 Both of them together so you can see the size.
 Pine Trees! I got 5 of these.
 I'll remove the floral tape and give them a base.
Snowy branches!  I got 5 of these.
I had to wait a whole year for these.  There were two backdrops at WalMart that
they used for the small scenes!  They make great outdoor scenes for my dolls!
There were 2 of these.  They are the same and they are 15 inches high and 24
inches wide.  I asked the sales clerk last year to hold them for me this year.
I reminded her at the beginning of the Christmas season.  She gave me the date
that she would be consolidating the shelves and I could pick them up them.
I headed right over when I got the call.
 I couldn't find my cotton batting so I have to use my terry robe for these shots.
 I could raise them and make them taller by putting them on a snow hill.

 I feel cold just looking at them.  Oh, that's right it is cold out.  Never mind!
 With the trees!
Pulled back so you can see the scene.


Carrickters said...

Your robe looks suitably snowy in those pictures. Did your Walmart use the trees and the backdrop for a small advertising scene? Shops here don't really use this sort of backdrop at all so I'm curious (and I also think you are very lucky).

jSarie said...

Those backdrops are fabulous! Nice job getting them saved for you! :)

Anonymous said...

How great that they called you for the backdrops, the winter scenes are beautiful! The berries are a good find too, it's perfect for fruit :-)!

Georgia Girl said...

This is a great backdrop! That was very sweet of them to give it to you. I have never had such luck. Twice I have been told that they forgot to save it for me, greT ideas about the trees.

Troy said...

Agree that these are great backdrops and photos. :-)

D7ana said...

Applause. Stunning backdrops! Thanks for sharing and congrats on getting the pieces ;-)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Carrickters, jSarie, Night Owl, Georgia Girl, Troy and D7ana!

Carrickters, I need to find my snow! Walmart sells a miniature town scene for holiday display. There is a church and a few other buildings. The backdrop is behind them. They have had it for 3 or 4 seasons.

jSarie, Troy and D7ana! I hope to be able to use them for many winter scenes. D7ana, I plan to bring them to the meeting!

Night Owl and Georgia Girl, I asked who the manager for the area was and spoke with her when ever I was in. I asked when they would come down and I will write a thank you letter too!

Mustiwait said...

Love the backdrop. that was nice of the Walmart lady to remember to call you.

Brini said...

How nice! You always find some really good dolly finds. That was really nice of her to think of you,she probably a dolly lover herself!!

Ms. Leo said...

Mustiwait and Brini, I was prepared to be a nag about it but she made it easy!
I showed up at the start of her shift too!