Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 The Year of Children!

Hey Gang!

As I stated in the title of the post, this is the year of children.  So I want to start
off with two of my favorite children...Robin and Lark!  Their mother (Dela)
likes to dress them alike but their father (Barry) likes them to be similar with
their own identity. He purchased these tops for them on his trip to Japan.

 Their mother....

has some questions about keeping them together or separating them.  She
saw this on line.

What do you think?

FYI:  One difference with Keyshia doll shoes than Stacie is that there is a right and a left.
Their mother purchases most of their clothes.  You can tell which parent purchased what.
I sailor went to sea, sea, sea. To see what he could see, see, see.
 Hang out outfits.
 Sister, Sister!
and more denim
 We love to cheer!
 All set! You bet!
 We love playing together!
Why can't we  be the same number on the team?

We like red, yellow, orange and pink!

They are going to be in one of Dela's friend weddings.
 Should they be flower girls or junior brides maids?

Phew! We can't try on another thing!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Ms. Leo, they have a gorgeous wardrobe, even if I would agree with their dad.
Kisses Billa

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Where did you find all these adorable fashions, and in duplicate?

Twins... together forever, is my suggestion.


shirley said...

i love all the outfits. i always thought if i was a twin we could wear different clothes so we could have more to chose from. happy new year!

Anonymous said...

The twins are so cute! Their mom is a beauty too :-). Love the clothes, they are lucky girls!

Muff said...

They have a better wardrobe than me!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Billa's D&F, dbg of BDE, shirley hargrove, Night Owl and Muff!

Welcome to my blog Billa. It does make them easier to tell apart when they are dressed differently.

dbg of BDE, I got most of these outfits from the thrift store and some from the Dollar Store. Two outfits I purchased just for them...the overalls and the light blue denim pants and white and pink top.

Welcome to my blog Shirley! If you had a twin you might both want to wear the same outfit at the same time.

Night Owl, thanks! They have a high cuteness quotient.

Muff, how many clothes would you have if you needed less than 1/8 of an a yard of fabric? LOL!

Georgia Girl said...

Love the kids! I really like seeing twins dressed alike. It gives me an excuse sometimes to buy duplicate outfits that I really like. Lol! Love your Adele!

limbe dolls said...

Those two are too cute! I especially like them in the white formal gowns.

Chris said...

They are adorable. I love their outfits

Male Doll World said...

Great fashions for them.

Vanessa said...

Great outfits! I love the cheers. I used to say the first one when I was a kid. I say it should be left up to the kids if they dress the same or not. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don't. These two don't seem to mind at all.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Georgia Girl, limbe dolls, Chris, Male Doll world and Vanessa!

Georgia Girl, Dressing them alike give me a change and a reason to use those outfits I have multiples of. Sometimes you buy two of a doll for the body or some other reason.

limbe dolls, The white gowns are different slightly. I purchased the first Home Coming Queen Skipper and found that after time her body got green spot on the legs.
When I purchased the second doll, the dress was slightly different. One has satin flowers and the other has a tulle flowers and they are different shades of pink,

Thanks Chis and Male Doll World! Chris welcome to my blog!

Vanessa, I think you are right! It should be left up to the children. They fact that they have both options makes it easier on them.