Saturday, December 6, 2014

Friends For Naveen!

Hey Gang!

So after my Disney Naveen purchase, I thought he could use some company! 
so I added a few other doll of Indian background to my collection.
I added the new Aladdin from Disney! I have named him Amar Khan.  Only
his mom and dad call him Amar.  Everyone else calls him Khan.  I thought
they looked like that would be friends. He has a great smile too! I thought
that they would be the same complexion but Naveen is darker. 

They are some of my college student in Johnston and love hanging out and
having fun.

I love the older Mattel Jasmine doll's face the best.  My only problems with
the older Jasmine dolls is the earring made into the body.  When I found
this one (Holiday Princess Jasmine doll that wasn't like that I had to have
her.  She Is Indira!

She is sporting a combination of clothing to give her the look that I wanted.
Skirt and sweater are Mattel, top and shoes are Liv.

I tried adding a gold dot to the side of her nose as a nose ring.  You can't see
it to well in this picture.


OK, Thanks For Looking!


Jan said...

They look great together!! Congratulations on the new additions to your collection!

limbe dolls said...

I am looking for that Princess Jasmine because I don't like the molded on earrings either. My Naveen is originally from Madagascar.

Phyllis said...

Gotta have friends! I have Naveen, but not Aladdin. I am sure they will be great additions to Johnston.

Georgia Girl said...

Very nice. I bought the Jasmine during my last thrift store outing, She is very pretty. I need to get a husband.

D7ana said...

Nice that Naveen has a buddy to hang out with. I like that they have different complexions; variety ;-)

Congrats on getting the Jasmine that you wanted, too.

Male Doll World said...

I think they look good together as friends.

Muff said...

They do all look like they would hang out together!

The grandmommy said...

They all look so happy together. I never thought of Naveen being Indian but I guess it works! I really like Indiras outfit.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Jan, limbe dolls, Phyllis, Georgia Girl, D7ana, Male Doll World, Muff and the grandmommy!

Jan, Welcome to my blog and thank you!

limbe dolls, Nice choice of country. Which version of the doll do you have? I have both. Here is the link to the second doll!

Phyllis, I can hear the song in my head "you gotta have friends". I liked this Aladdin because he doesn't have the head with the hat made on!

Georgia Girl, Consider one of these guys!

D7ana, I think we all believe that diversity is very important in any collection!

Male Doll World, I haven't figure our their personalities yet. I have to work on that.

Muff, I think they like the same movies and go to them together.

The grandmommy, They do make a nice group! I looked the name up and this is what I came up with: The name Naveen is of Hindi origin. The meaning of Naveen is "good news".
Countries with Largest Hindu Population is based on the total Hindu population in a country
include India, Nepal and Bangladesh.