Monday, May 19, 2014

A Normal Day At School!

Hey Gang!

So there is a lot going in Johnston and at the school!  We last saw Trisha's daughter
with her at the school! But everyone needs to get to work, so Alicia heads
for her job and Patricia goes to her classroom. 

Trisha walks the hall to make sure everything is going well.
Ashley: I told you we would be here before the bell!
Overhead ----Buzz Buzz Buzz
Jessie: Yeah, two seconds before the bell!
Ashley: Before is before!

Jessie: You can't be a good student and not be on time! School is not just
about reading, writing and math.  It is where we learn good habits too! 
Mommy would be upset if she knew we were almost late because you
tried to catch a cat to bring home.

Trisha: Jessie....Ashley... What are you two doing still in the hall?  Didn't you
hear the bell?
Jessie and Ashley: Good morning Mrs. Taylor.

 Jessie: We sorry Mrs. Taylor!  It won't happen again!

Ashley: It was my fault Mrs. Taylor.  I was trying to catch a kitten to bring home!

Trisha:  Ashley that was a nice gesture but you really should have given
the situation more thought!  Had you asked your mother if you could have
a pet? If you had caught the cat, what would you do with it until you went
home? If you were late for school, what would your mother say?

Jessie: See, I told you!
Trisha:  How about you two adventurer/scholars head to class.  Ashley,
you might wantt to ask you mother what she things about having a pet
Julie: Trisha, there you are!
Trisha: I was just helping these two young people to class.
Jessie and Ashley: Hello Mrs. Bennett.
Julie: Hello students.  Off to class!
Jessie and Ashley: Yes!
If you read this post anywhere
It is a fake!!! Run!!
Julie:  I have a parent down the hall who would like to see us about registering
her children for school.
Trisha: OK! lead the way!

Kevin: I'm late but no one saw me! He He! Never use the main door when
you are late!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


The grandmommy said...

Cute! I like Jessie's twists!

Vanessa said...

Jessie reminds me of my little cousin. She is tall and thin just like that. She's also the overachiever at school, which seems to be right in line with Jessie.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments The grandmommy and Vanessa. Jessie is a boy! He is one of those young boys who likes to sport long and natural hair. Both he and his sister wear their hair naturally. He was the recipient of the other Keyshia body. You will note that he is wearing Monster High guy clothes. It good to have another source of clothing for my newly rebodied boys. Jessie is studious and an athletic. His sister Ashley is caring but impulsive.

D7ana said...

I like Ashley and Jessie's hair styles. Cute. Congratulations on finding a use for your extra Keyshia body.

Brini said...

Such cute kids but boy, do they the look like trouble. Their grandmother is wearing such a cute dress too!

Georgia Girl said...

Cute story! I love Jessie's hair also. He is a handsome lil fellow. : )

Muff said...

Hmm, be on time for school or stop and get a kitten. I say stop and get a kitten! Please, I would be late to school because I stopped to look at tadpoles. If I saw a kitten I would have skipped the whole day.

Is that a Dora Explorer background?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments D7ana, Brini, Georgia girl and Muff.

D7ana, Mattel did a lot of different Stacie dolls with different textured hair but only one Todd.

Brini, I am happy with how Jessie turned out. He and Ashley make a nice family. The women isn't the grandmother, she is the principal.

Georgia girl, it is nice to have a few more
fellows around.

Muff, I can see you were a handful!!