Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Rainy Day In Philly!

Hey Gang!

So it is a rainy day here in Philly!  I had to put some packages in the mail so I had
to go out on a day like today!  I wanted them in the mail today and the postman
who has my route skips our block someday!

The Post Office, which I will call the P.O. for here on because of the way I feel about
them, (I am always P.O.'d at them) doesn't want clear tape over the labels.  At least
that is what they say when you bring in a package.  But I have gotten packages with
the shipping labels in a plastic pouch.  I don't know what the difference is.  On a wet
day the label will get wet and you run the risk of it falling apart.  To me, clear tape
over the entire label keeps it from getting wet on a rainy day!

So now to the fun part of my day!  The Dolls!

I was so pleased with how Robin and Lark tuned out that I knew I need to
purchase more Keyshia dolls! 

So if I already have two dolls, you ask, then why do I need more?  Well, first of
all, since doing my last post of Robin and Lark, I have decided that they are twins
and that either they or their mother likes to dressing them alike.  You might 
remember that I have a special day Keyshia and a weekend fun Keyshia. 
I don't have two matching original outfits.  That is one reason why they are
wearing the Only Hearts Club outfits.  The other reason is that I found both
of those outfits at a really good price!  I chose to order more of the Weekend
Fun dolls!  I liked the outfit much better that the Special Day outfit!

Yes to the green top and jeans and no to the red top and plaid skirt.  She came in
the mail yesterday!  To my surprise... it was the original version of Keyshia!
Well this gave me an opportunity to see the original doll in person.
If you read this post anywhere
It is a fake!!! Run!!

Close up!
OK! Not my best picture but it looked better in the camera than it looks here!
Her hair is lighter than my first Weekend fun doll! (more red than brown) Her lip
color isn't matte like the first one either!  She has a lighter skin tone also.  And I like
the more pronounce eyes of my first model too! 

I love the sandals of the original doll and the fact that she does have earrings!

Oddly, the pants are a better fit all over and especially at the waist on the
original doll too!
My experience of reading Black Doll Enthusiast's blog has taught me to give
these dolls a good look over! I found this discoloration on the head and a pin
hole on the chest.  I didn't notice the hole until I reviewed my pictures for
the post.

The original doll has what I think are serial number on her back and the second
release doesn't.
You might not be able to tell from these pictures but the lower arms on the original
are a different color than the upper arm and the body too.  Not much different but

So I don't have a dilemma on which doll head to keep. I am keeping my
first dolls, the second version!  I will loot the outfits with better pants
and the earrings (if I can) from the original version for Robin and Lark. 
The second reason for buying more Keyshia is for head swapping...Oh Yeah!
Ms. Leo loves a good head swap!  Roxanne of Roxanne's Dolls got me thinking!
I wanted to rebody a doll or two with the Keyshia bodies! In her post she
rebodied AA Todd!  WOW! he really looked good!  So I will start there!
I tries to remove the head with a blow dyer.  These doll's heads are harder that Mattel's. 
I broke off part of the hook on the head knob.  But I didn't break the knob! I would 
recommend heating the head really well before trying to remove it.  Unlike Mattel,
the neck knobs of other companies dolls don't have the "give" of Mattel.
I got Todd's head on easy.  It does have a little wobble.  I can't tell if that is the
missing piece of the hook or what but I fixed it will one of the little clear bands
that come with all dolls.  I have a million of them!
Roxanne was right!  He look good on the body!  Like it was originally his
body!  I put some Bratz pants from that thrift store clothing bag on him.

Ms. Leo: Boy, you need a belt! You pants are hanging off your butt like a
Tevin:But it is what you gave me!

Yeah, I'm calling him Tevin.  I still miss my shorter Todd and would like another
that size but they are going for so much now!  It is a good thing I purchased him
a decade ago like I did!

I took the top off off of Julie

and put it on Tevin!   then I added some glasses.  There is too much light in
this shot! I didn't do that the camera did!  I still working on figuring out the

Now you can see it!
Tevin: Hey, there are.....marks in this shirt! I look like a girl with short hair!

Ms. Leo: Tevin, it will all come out in the wash! 
My sister was famous for wearing my brother's sweaters!  He would hate it when
he found "marks" in his sweaters! She would tell him that they would wash out and
he would say then why didn't you wash it! Oh, the joys of a large family!

He is wearing the Harry Potter glasses and I think that they have found a home!
The shoes are Only Heart.  They make great shoes.  Now my Max has a friend!
Who will get the other body?.....

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Phyllis said...

I did the same body swap also (Keyshia body for my AA Todd). The Keyshia body is also a good fit for the Calista doll too. I was lucky, I guess, that I had one that was a perfect skin tone match. I also found another Keyshia doll call "School Days Keyshia". This doll came with a school uniform that has a one piece black and white skirt and a white blouse plus a black jacket.
I got 2 of them also and used their bodies for a bowling Janet body swap and An AA Skipper head that I had.

Mustiwait said...

You are right Ms. Leo those AA Todd's cost a fortune. I wish I had one to play with. Congrats on the successful swap.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Phyllis and Must I wait.

Phyllis, thank you! I was trying to remember who told me that they did that.
Either you haven't posted pictures, or you pictures don't have tags. I try searching for pictures of rebodied doll.

Mustiwait, Yeah if I had an extra , I should sell it for what they are getting for him.

The grandmommy said...

What a little cutie!
My son used to call them "bumps" in his sweaters lol.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Tevin is super cute!

D7ana said...

Your Keyshia twins are adorable.

I laughed at the thought of your Tevin being a hoodlum. He looks like a sweetie. Then again, I *know* the look you're talking about ;-)

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great purchases. I like your makeovers. Keep in touch

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Tevin is too cute. His comment about "marks" on his sweater is priceless.

I love the girls, too. Twins are always nice to have.


Vanessa said...

Todd does look great on that body.

It is still quite surprising that the Keyshia dolls were that different. I imagine the twins will be shopping at your new store. I can't wait to see them again.

Your post office is a little strange. I like your nickname for them.

Carrickters said...

Todd's head looks great on that body. The differences in the Keyshia bodies are interesting.

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Seems like buying a Keyshia can be a bit of a lottery? I have yet to find a seller who ships to Europe, but when I do it'll be interesting to see which version I'll get... My Kenya doll had some stains from her clothes, too. I'm glad the body matched Todd so well!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments The grandmommy, RoxanneRoxanne, dbg of BDE, D7ana, Marta, Vanessa, Carrickters and Anderson's All-Purpose!

The grandmommy, Thank you! Yeah, boys don't like them!

RoxanneRoxanne, I think you will inspire a lot of people with that idea! You inspired me!

D7ana, As a fellow bus rider, you know we see all kind of things! He is to sweet for the hoodlum look.

Marta, I hope you get then in Spain!

dbg of BDE, Thanks. It is nice to have an AA doll body option. There isn't much for the smaller dolls!

Vanessa and Carrickters, I really like the Todd on this body! I just surprised that Stacie doesn't have this kind of articulation. I guess Laurent's will have to have a children's section...I didn't plan on that.

Anderson's All-Purpose, It seems that they have had some problems. It is a gamble with each order.