Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Out And About!

Hey Gang!

I was out and about the other day and I saw a few interesting things at Wal-Mart.

First up are these Groovy Girls clothing! Which could work for some of my  larger dolls. There were about $13.00.

I can alway use clothes for my larger dolls.  Some of these outfits aren't quite
their taste but I think I can make a few work!

When they start making cheap clones of a doll, then you know that they are popular.

These doll are suppose to be like Monster High but I think that they are scarier than that MH. 
I know I was scared and laughing when I saw them.

They had this there too.

What was so surprising is that many dolls of color in the pack and at least three
head sculpts! I might have to get them.

OK! Thanks For Looking!


D7ana said...

Some dolls might like those Groovy Girl styles, Ms. Leo. Good buy.

I'd seen the Scary dolls set: they're kinda cute. Some of them anyway.

That other set though ... dang, some of those ladies got BIG heads. Beyond big. Giiiiinormous heads. Now those look scary to me ;-}

BlackKitty said...

The last set is pretty cool. I wonder if they have any hair beyond the hairline. The faces aren't half bad.

The grandmommy said...

Yes, they are laughable! They should have been called "scary princess' lol
That first AA doll is not a monster. She is just a little hungry. Give that girl something to eat somebody! rofl!

MissSpottyJane said...

That princess set is pretty interesting, nice find. I think I recognize them from Chic Boutiques lines, but I haven't seen CB dolls around for a while. If I see it, I might have to buy it.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

I was looking at the groovy girls clothes in your post, wondering if they would fit my Big Beautiful Doll Dasia. None of the clothes are really her style, but she could definitely go casual in those jeans.

Those Monster dolls are just plain funny.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

My Moxie Teenz Bijou has some Groovy Girls pieces that she wears.


limbe dolls said...

My Dasia needs more clothes so I might check out the Groovy Girls outfits when I get back to the States (one week left!). I reviewed the Princess pack in November 2012:


While I don't like these new, emaciated Chic Boutique bodies, the face molds are very pretty.

I reviewed the scary doll pack in September 2013:


I found some pink, blue, and lavender fairy Barbies on eBay so I might be able to upgrade them to better bodies. And we thought it was hard to find complexion matches for African American dolls!

Brini said...

The Scary dolls are well, scary someone will be able to work with them. The princess dolls aren't bad either. I haven't seen any of these set yet.

Vanessa said...

It is nice to see so many different AA dolls. I like the AA MH clone, too. Thanks for sharing.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments D7ana, BlackKitty, The grandmommy, MissSpottyJane, RoxanneRoxanne, dbg of BDE, limbe dolls, Brina and Vanessa!

Sorry I was so long responding.

D7ana, I think my dolls will be able to use some of those outfits. They are now on sale for 7.00. I will pick a few up.

BlackKitty, That is a very good questions! I find normally no!

The grandmommy, I alway recommend fried chicken, baked macaroni and cheese and some greens! LOL!

MissSpottyJane, I think that they are the Chic Boutiques face molds.

RoxanneRoxanne, I think the groovy girls clothes with alterations my work well or larger dolls.

dbg of BDE, Great to know that they work well for that doll.

limbe dolls, I don't remember seeing your posts. Considering the dates of your posts, the 19.99 sale price isn't much of a sale!

Brina and Vanessa, Yes is nice to see the AA faces. I guest they all could be worked with.