Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Post For The Year!

Hey Gang!

I hope to have a lot of posts coming up!  Santa got me a new
camera for Christmas! I no longer have to share a camera with
my husband!  That also means I better know where my camera
is and not ask him did he see it. Now all I need is a new computer!

I've been work off of a tablet lateley.  My tablet is a lot faster than
my old computer but it can do everything. I can't upload pictures
with the tablet and my computer is on it's last leg! So I'm at the
libray posting!

I want to show you my last head swaps for 2013! Not that I don't
have more head swaps than I'm showing here but these are the
last that I will show.

The Girls!

I've had this doll a long time but she hasn't got much play time
until now. She is integrity toys Alyssa doll but I don't know
which one.

This is Pilar.  She is  Brenda's best friend and a hairdresser too! They
met in hairdressing school.  Pilar doesn't pull any punches and speaks
her mind.
 She can now move like I want her to and as she needs to for doing hair.
 She is on a Disney Jasmine body.  Here she is with another Integrity Toys doll.
She is awaiting a Jasime body.  She eyes Pilar enviously. The Jamine
head will be for sale on the doll page if you are interested.

I have put my America doll on a Skipper body.  She has bendable legs
but is awaiting bendable arms. She is originally a BFF Aliesha doll.
This is her second body swap.

 She will make a great teen in an upcoming storylilne.
 It will also give her more cothing options.

 I rebodied my Twilight Jabcob onto a Hunter Huntsman body.
 It isn't a prefect complexion match but it is better than nothing.  This body is
shorter that Ken dolls.  It is about the size of the Liv doll Jake. I did have to
return this doll because the arm broke off at the elbow.  So be warned! Also,
he was not an easy head swap!  The neck is smaller than Ken dolls.  In
addition.  The knob is longer.  I had to cut it to make the head fit.  I am
happy with him for now.  He keeps his name Jabob and will be the brother
of Rae.

 The clothing and feel of the body works well with the Jacob outdoor kind of thing!
If you read this post anywhere other than

It is a fake!!! Run!!
I took him outside for some shots with the new camera.
 Resting on a rock!
 He loves the outdoors!

Jacob: WOW, this was a workout!  I need to rest.  I never been here before.
It's a good thing I wore my climbing boots!

OK, Thanks For Looking and Happy New Year!


MajorMistakes said...

I was thinking about buying Hunter as a body donor, but it's a tad too expensive doll to me. Jacob looks great in green and brown, Im glad he finally got a nice, articulated body.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Happy New Year, Ms. Leo! I'm happy for you that Santa gave you a new camera. These are some good looking head swaps.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Congratulations on your new camera. Nice head swaps and those are wonderful pictures of Jacob observing the outside scenery.

Happy New Year!


D7ana said...

Congrats about the new camera and Happy New Year, Ms. Leo!

Muff said...

I would love to have a articulated body for my Jacob doll but he's going to be stuck in his box for quite some time I guess.

Even with the complexion being off, he certainly fits the clothing style well.

Tracy India said...

Happy New Year! Wow, another year has flown by...what a trip. Very nice swaps you have going here. Jacob looks so cute in that outfit and the photos are really nice. I have my Jacob on an older articulate Ken body. The one with the My Scene articulation but Flavas pivotal head knob. It's a nice tan complexion but still not perfect. I'm hoping in 2014 and after a. Umber of comments and complaints to Mattel, that they will produce a very tanned complected or ethnic Ken with HD body. :-)

Have a great New Years!

Georgia Girl said...

Happy New Year!!

Congratulations on getting a new camera. I love devices. The head swaps look great! I feel you on the computer issue. This is why I haven't posted in a long while myself. I use my tablet go view the blogs of others. I hope the new year brings about great things.

Carrickters said...

Happy New Year. Your head swaps look great. I hope you enjoy your new camera and have lots of fun learning how to use it.