Monday, February 6, 2012

Mean While.....

Mean while over at the college campus, four girls meet at the
Student Union. All four were transfer students and will be sharing
a dorm suite next year. This meeting was planned by email when
the room assignments were posted on the dorm website.

Side note:
This is Phyliss! This is one of her many part-time jobs.

Xia’ was the first to arrive.

Marie saw her sitting there and came over. Marie: Hi, Xia’ right?
I’m Marie. Xia’: Yes, Hi Marie. I guess the others are on their way.

Marie: I’ll take this seat. Xia’ thought Marie looked like fun!
She seemed… as her mother would say-spunky. She had a
great smile. Where are you from?

Bea sashayed in like a model! The two girls turned her
direction. Bea searches their faces as she walked their
way looking for hate. It wasn’t there, just surprise.
Marie had done the southern pageant circuit too long
to let her face give away her smirk. She made her face
blank and smiled. Xia’: Hi! I’m Xia’ and this is Marie.
Bea: Hi, I’m Bea. They both said hello and Xia motion
the seat next to her.

Bea noted that each girl was pretty in very different ways.
She wonders if this was too much beauty for one suite!
Bea: So I guess we are waiting for one more person.

Reecie was the last too arrive. She came from tryouts at
the athletic campus and had to take the bus back to the main
campus. Reecie: Sorry I’m late! She said with a Trinidadian
accent. I had to get the bus after basketball tryouts to get here.

Marie : So you play b-ball. I do too.

Reecie looked at her.
Yes, she was chucky but she had the eye of the tiger
about her. She was not a girl to underestimate!
Reecie: We will have to play

Just then...

He is hot!

Hi Phyliss! What is the soup of the day?
It is chicken noodle Dan.

Reecie: I think it will be interesting going here!


Xia': Alright let's get to it!

Bea: Well...I went by to see the suite, we will all have
our own room but we share the living room, kitchen and
bathroom. Xia’: They let you in? Bea: Well, not exactly. I
talked this guy at the desk into letting me see the room.
The all laughed.

Xia’: A CIA agent in the making. So
what the size of the rooms and the bathroom.

Bea smiled and looked at the rest of the girls. Reecie would
not take too much bathroom time. She could tell she was a
"minimalist". The other two, like her, would want bathroom
time. Bea: The rooms are a good size. The bathroom isn’t
too bad either but the living room and kitchen seems

Xia’: So who is bringing what?

Reecie could tell that Xia’ was a down to business
kind of girl and she liked that.
Reecie: I am coming from Trinidad, so I’m not
lugging a lot on the plane. I will just bring clothes and
my ipod. I might buy a few things to add to the place.

They stayed about an hour working out some of the
details of their living arrangements!


Heather said...

Oh my, I wonder how this will go... 4 beautiful girls in one tiny space... will they become the best of friends... or will there be some cat-fights ahead?????

CJ said...

Adorable photos and story-can't wait to see what happens next!

Tracy India said...

I think these girls are going to be fun together! Such a beautiful group of ladies. I hope to see more episodes featuring this group. Your dio looks amazing, by the way. ;)

Georgia Girl said...

Love your diorama! This is going to be interesting to see how these four women will manage with sharing a bathroom. Lol! Been there done that...drama is around the corner. Lol! Nice story Ms. Leo!

Hey, It's Muff said...

That snack set is awesome. This reminded me of first meeting my college roomates and all the unfortunateness that ensued, lol!

limbe dolls said...

Very cute set and interesting characters. Looking forward to more stories about them.

Brini said...

I sooo love the co-eds. I have a group as well. These young ladies already have it going on. I feel sorry for Dan he is going to have a hard time picking just one.

Marta said...

Hi from spain: i love the diorama room of the university. The boys wear a very appropiate outfits. I see my dear Racquelle in her new body. She is fantastic. The dialogues are very real. I love the story. It brings back memories of when I was a student...very goog entry. Keep in touch

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Heather, CJ, Tracy India, Georgia Girl, Hey, It's Muff, limbe dollls, Brini, and Marta. I have had the background used in this post for years. I almost at one point trashed it. Then looking at it last week while organizing, I was inspired. It will now get the use it is due as the student union.

Heather, I'm sure there will be drama or something happening.

CJ welcome to my blog! I hope to keep things interesting.

Tracy, I think this groups has a few stories in them.

Georgia Girl, I remember sharing a bathroom. It wasn't pretty. LOL!

Hey, It's Muff, the classroom isn't the only place you get an education at college! You get life lessons too!

limbe dolls, I'm glad you like it and hope to have anothers story next week!

Brini, these ladies rule the campus! Guys beware!

Marta, Racquelle/Marie is taking her place in my doll world now. More that the Rosie doll would. I really like and thought she needed a story.

Vanessa said...

I love that you are doing a college story. Great story and dio. I love the Icee machine. This should be real interesting! How she know that Bea won't want a lot of bathroom time? How presumptuous of her. This has the makings of some real interesting story lines. I love all the characters you selected.