Friday, January 13, 2012

Raquelle New Body!

After I gave Siobhan Raquelle's body I still wanted to use her head.
So I took a tip from Miss_Lola_77 (She is a great new blogger!) at
"I cant quit at any time...musings of a collector and rebodied it!
Here is her second post on the subject. It was her first that got
my attention.

Following her advice I rebodied my doll.

It is import to have a big girl on the scene!
I wanted a younger full figured doll. So this is
Marie! Smart, fun loving and full of life!

She loves: jean, jazz, and jelly beans.

What she hates!:
When people say: you have such a pretty face!

Thanks Miss_Lola_77 and don't be sad now Marta!


Dollz4Moi said...

She looks great. I may have to follow suit. I do have an extra Rosie around her somewhere :O)

limbe dolls said...

Yay for big girls! I've been on a quest to add more full figured ladies to my collection. Marie's face works well with the Rosie body. This is also a good solution for some of the big headed My Scene dolls.

Hey, It's Muff said...

I've been wanting a plus size doll and have been trolling thrift stores trying to find one of the Rosie bodies. No luck so far. That head really works for a plus size body. I noticed how her head was the only newer fashionista that was large but had regular sized eyes.

Frannie said...

She really came out nice! Love Miss_Lola_77's blog. Some great tips!

Georgia Girl said...

Wonderful post! Great idea!

Dlsarmywife said...

She's gorgeous!!! It's almost a shame that the Rosie doll isn't articulated...or that there wasn't articulated doll out there with a fuller figure!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I am saddened by the change in body but I have to admit that you just created in this new body of a woman we see on the street. We, like us with our extra kilos ... I applaud you for it ... ja, ja ... keep in touch

Brini said...

That's a great ideal. I just want to tell Marie she is beautiful and I know she has a wonderful personality because she rocks those pink streaks like it nobody business!

Tracy India said...

She looks SOOO much better on this body! When I purchased her for her Fashionistas body, I couldn't get over how large her head is. I would love to use her as a background character but her dome is really large. The way you re-bodied her you really pay attention to just how pretty she is.

Great job!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Dollz4Moi, Hey, It's Muff, limbe dolls, Frannie, Goergia Girl, Disarmywife, Marta, Brini,and Tracy India. She looks like someone you know!

Dollz4Moi, I think you should. You will have alot of fun with her.

limbe dolls, you might be right. I do feel the need to replace my Rosie doll soon. Maybe she will be the Mom.

Hey, It's Muff, I never notice how big the head was until I purchase the doll. I was going to buy her because I needed some lighter bodies but didn't plan to use the head until now.

Frannie, Miss_Lola_77's blog has some pearls of dolly knowledge on it. Thanks Miss_Lola_77!

Georgia Girl, I am so happy with Marie!

Disarmywife, that is what I thought when she was done. But there are some fuller figure action figure bodies out there. How to Play with Barbie did a post a while back on it.

Thanks Marta! She is like people we know. I think that is why I like her. We all have a few extra kilos.

Brini, I am likin' the streak too but I not sure about the quality of the hair. It gets the fly- away easily. Staticy!

Tracy India, the head is more in balance with this body.