Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Laurent Girls!

I'm sharing some more of the tops I received in my trade
with Dollz4Moi. I am introducing a few more characters
too. I love the black and white combo, so I had to show it.
The pink and cream looks great with the Harley leather
pants and the strawberry to just looks sweet with the green
bow on the shoulder.
Maya Laurent

This is Maya Laurent. She is “Una” (pronounced you- na)
or first born in Roubanese. She is named after KiKi’s mother and her
grandmother Maya Falou. She bares a strong resemblance
to KiKi’s side of the family.

Being the oldest, Maya is very serious and was always a
studious child. It is not surprising that she went to law
school and became a lawyer. She works for a center city
law firm but has started her own practice.

At work Maya is kinda quiet, and shy, but very, very smart!
But Maya is not shy around her family. Being the oldest of
such a large family you have to be heard. He siblings even
think of her as wisecracking and a jokester.

Brenda Laurent

This is Brenda Laurent. If you follow my blog, then you met
her at Christmas and...

spending time with her grandmother in St. Malcolm.

She is number two or Tini (pronounced tin-nee) in the
Laurent clan. She and Maya are very close and share each
others secretes. Maya was first to know when Brenda first
kissed a boy! There are always alot of giggles betwen then.

Brenda is outgoing and makes friend easily.
She looks like a Laurent! She looks like Stephan's mother,
her great grandmother, especially when she smiles.
She always loved looking at pictures of her mother
and grandmothers when they were younger. She loves
their styles from that time. She especially loves
their hairstyles through the years and became a
beautician. She too had worked in center city at a hair
salon. She has since opened her own shop,Hairatage,and
she has also just completed a real estate
course. She is nerves about taking the test. Maya
helps her and preps her for the test.

Mariam Laurent

All other children are normally refer to as bini in Roubanese.
She is the four child and is behind Steve in birth order. She
and Steve are close. Right now she is getting extra Dad time!
Out of all the Laurent children she is the only one who has
expressed and interest in medicine. She is preparing to go to
dental school. Her father has her with him as much as possible
to prepare her.

The girls together.


william said...

These girls are gorgeous! Love the new tops too.I really love Mayas face.

Vanessa said...

Love the background stories. Love all the clothes, but that black and white does stand out. Love your play on words...Hairitage.

limbe dolls said...

The black and white time is fantastic!

D7ana said...

The black and white top is my favorite, too.

Love your colorful backgrounds.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks william, Vanessa, limbe dolls and D7ana! I am still making my way through the bag of clothing I got from Dollz4Moi! It has helped to define and inspire storylines.

william Maya face (Shani' Nichelle head mold) is one of my favorites. I don't think it was used enough! I will try to do so here.

Ladies, it is no wonder that designer show black and white fashions every few years. We do love that combination!

Limbe dolls, You can't see it but it really looks nice with the pants she has on.

Vanessa the salon and its' name are about four years old in my mind. It is bring it together that will be the challange for me. There is a hair salon and two other shops owned by the Laurents coming with the name theme.

D7ana, I started with color about a 18 months ago. I found I like looking at my own post if I had color and I kinda use color to set a tone. White for when I am comparing, so you can see and other colors for other things. It helps me when I look back thought my blog too.